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As the national governing body for group exercise we are dedicated to achieving our vision of a healthier nation through exercise. We work with instructors, operators and organisations across the sector to provide help, support and advice and to ensure that group exercise continues to inspire people of all ages and abilities to take part in physical activity.

EMD UK Instructor Award for Promoting Positive Change finalists

What it takes to be an award-winning instructor

June 11, 2018/by Sarah Leeves

From class goer to class leader

June 13, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

Petition to lift ban on indoor group exercise in tier three gains support

December 15, 2020/by Sarah Leeves

Tips for Teaching Online Classes

July 14, 2020/by Penny Sanders
A woman holding a light bulb having an idea

Continuing support and guidance for group exercise instructors

August 25, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Working with disabled clients

May 2, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

Adapting face-to-face to online – the new world of fitness instructing

April 20, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Advice on how instructors can continue to deliver their classes online

March 13, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Do You Know Their Why?

April 18, 2018/by Sarah Leeves

National Sporting Heritage Day with the Keep Fit Association

September 28, 2020/by Penny Sanders
Women over 50 enjoying a Powerhoop class

Hooping for the over 50s

January 30, 2019/by Sarah Leeves

New dance fitness style on the block!

October 4, 2017/by Sarah Leeves
People in a darkened room doing Clubbercise with glow sticks

Five Ways To Attract Newbies…

June 6, 2019/by Sarah Leeves
A pile of stop watches at different times

Five Ways to Maximise Your Time Right Now

March 24, 2020/by Sarah Leeves

Coworking is getting in shape

June 17, 2019/by Penny Sanders

First annual Community Fitness Week delivers 125,000 food parcels to food banks

November 12, 2019/by Sarah Leeves

National Sporting Heritage Day with FLexercise

September 29, 2020/by Penny Sanders

#ReadyToReturn – Statement from Marcus Kingwell

June 26, 2020/by Sarah Leeves
Mat Pilates course delivered by EMD UK

Practical advice for studio managers

October 23, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Job hopping made simple

July 27, 2017/by Georgia Hardy

National Sporting Heritage Day with Medau Movement

September 29, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Move It or Lose It helps to Tackle Inequalities with The Club

December 11, 2020/by Penny Sanders
A group of people putting there hands together in solidarity

Blood, Sweat and No Fears! Campaign to encourage month-round participation in women’s sport

June 21, 2019/by Sarah Leeves

Synergy develops all-inclusive platform to help Tackle Inequalities

December 17, 2020/by Penny Sanders
A woman tying her trainers, ready for exercise

Group Exercise. Is it Really for Someone Like Me?

February 20, 2018/by Sarah Leeves
A group of people congratulating each other after their group exercise class

Combatting Loneliness with Group Exercise

August 9, 2018/by Sarah Leeves
Hospital staff and patients enjoying a Barnet Bopping session led by nurse Karelle Evans

Barnet Bopping. Supporting the Vision of Dr Guddi

March 15, 2018/by Sarah Leeves

Cha-cha in a chair… rethink what you know about chair based exercise

May 8, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

Rockbox – packing a [non-contact] punch

January 24, 2020/by Penny Sanders

The geography of choreography; pre-set routines vs instructor-set routines

October 30, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

Some tips on how to make group exercise classes more inclusive

January 20, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Mental health and exercise: How can it help you?

October 10, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

Before I started Clubbercise I was a size 22. Now I’m an instructor!

February 6, 2020/by Penny Sanders
Lorraine Russell

The UK’s first Black wellness and fitness festival

September 13, 2021/by Antoinette Mills

Tackling Inequalities the Para Dance UK way

January 26, 2021/by Penny Sanders

EMD UK Share Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2019

January 30, 2019/by Sarah Leeves

Support for instructors to rebuild their classes

September 3, 2021/by Sarah Leeves

Tackling Inequalities the Medau way

November 30, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Delivering online group exercise classes

November 9, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Relieving the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

November 7, 2019/by Penny Sanders
Women in fitness clothes doing a group exercise class

Why Group Exercise Is Better than Any Fad Diet

April 10, 2018/by Sarah Leeves

The Chancellor’s Winter Economy Plan

October 16, 2020/by Penny Sanders

Festivals and Events

August 24, 2021/by Penny Sanders

7 Reasons Why You Should Take the Plunge

September 26, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

Top Tips for Aerobics Instructors

November 1, 2019/by Penny Sanders

Further Your Career with EMD UK’s New Qualifications

July 26, 2018/by Sarah Leeves
People doing a kettlebell exercise class

I’d like to exercise but . . .

June 3, 2019/by Penny Sanders

Looking after our Mental Health

October 11, 2021/by Penny Sanders
Women doing a combat based group exercise class

Five things to consider when launching a new class

March 27, 2019/by Sarah Leeves

#BecauseYouPlay – the impact of the National Lottery on EMD UK

November 8, 2019/by Sarah Leeves

Instructor Training Endorsement

September 10, 2021/by Penny Sanders
Older people in a group exercise class

It’s Never Too Late to Start Group Exercise

October 1, 2019/by Sarah Leeves

3 Reasons You Need to Invest in Your Personal Development

May 30, 2018/by Sarah Leeves

How much protein you need and why it matters

November 8, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

10 things to consider when setting up your own fitness business

November 30, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

My Journey to ReelRobics

January 8, 2021/by Penny Sanders

Is it time to stop charging ‘pay as you go’?

December 13, 2019/by Penny Sanders

Charity Fund-raising is second nature to the Keep Fit Association

April 2, 2021/by Penny Sanders

Dance Fitness Qualifications delivered at UEL

June 21, 2021/by Penny Sanders
An image of trees and the sky in a park

Outdoor exercise in England – full guidance

July 17, 2020/by Sarah Leeves

NoireFitFest – Paving the way for greater Black industry representation

September 16, 2020/by Sarah Leeves
A music mixing deck

Class music need to knows for fitness instructors

February 20, 2019/by Sarah Leeves

Women, weights aren’t as scary as you think!

May 25, 2017/by Sarah Leeves

Insurance – have you covered your assets?

May 20, 2019/by Penny Sanders

Three quick tips to make your classes welcoming

September 30, 2019/by Penny Sanders
Women enjoying a dancehall dance class

Exercise inequalities leave millions of women inactive

October 26, 2018/by Sarah Leeves

Engaging Employees in Workplace Exercise

March 15, 2018/by Sarah Leeves

Let’s Get Started…

Group exercise is an exciting and diverse mix of styles and activities that caters to ‘someone like me’ and everyone should have the opportunity to take part. EMD UK is committed to driving positive change within the industry and we believe that through cooperation and collaboration with industry bodies, understanding and removing the barriers that prevent people from taking part and by supporting instructors to deliver excellence, we can achieve a healthier nation through exercise. See how you can get involved below…