Our goal is to provide young children and teenagers with a new fun and effective dance fitness programme that is current, fresh exciting and addictive. We have witnessed the benefits with our adult bouncers and seen with our own eyes how powerful Bounce DanceFit can be in terms of feeling successful, inspired, confident and having a sense of achievement.

Bounce DanceFit Junior promotes and encourages children to experience these elements. The Bounce Dancefit Junior programme has been designed for two age groups 5-10 years and 11-16 years. With the emphasis on Fun, creativity and diversity. Bounce DanceFit Junior involves moves from across many genres of dance from commercial tunes, hip-hop  to house beats.  Plus specific Bounce DanceFit games during the class. The programme strongly believes in providing a safe environment in which children can dance, express themselves , develop learn and release the inner Bouncer in them.

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