Funding to reach more people with group exercise

The purpose of the Sport England Together Fund is to deal with the ‘here and now’ issues community organisations and their audiences are facing as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

The Together Fund (a continuation of the Tackling Inequalities Fund)  will provide financial support to organisations supporting the below priority groups as well as strengthen the resilience of these organisations in business planning and delivery.

The four priority groups of the Together Fund are:

  • Individuals from lower socio-economic groups (LSEG)
  • Diverse Ethnic Communities
  • Individuals with a disability
  • Individuals with long term health conditions.

Do you deliver group exercise activities to one or more of the above groups?

Then you could be eligible for funding. 

Only activities covered by EMD UK can be considered for funding. Group exercise activities are fitness-based work outs conducted within a group setting.

To see examples of the types of activities that could be included visit

Any other sports or activities not identified as group exercise cannot be funded by EMD UK but, may be able to be funded by other national governing bodies of sport or Active Partnerships.

Funding criteria

Our priority is to consider awarding funding to:

  • Current EMD UK Member Organisations or Founder Members, however the fund is also open to non-members as long as it is group exercise related.
  • Organisations directly delivering to one or more of the priority groups noted above.
  • Organisations registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) or charity*
  • Activities which fall under the EMD UK definition of group exercise
  • Organisations able to deliver the project within the funding timescales
  • Organisations able to demonstrate how any investment made will help to achieve one or more of the funding purposes

Application questions

Via the application form (scroll down for the link), organisations will need to respond to the 6 key Together Fund questions

  1. Will this investment impact upon at least one of the four priority audiences?
  2. Has the requirement arisen as a direct result of this community group or audience being adversely affected as a result of COVID-19?
  3. What issues does the funding help to resolve in improving access to take part in sport and physical activity for the target audience?
  4. Will this investment help a community group or organisation to recover and grow or continue to survive as a result of hardship? If hardship, please set out in the application how this investment will enable the organisation to continue beyond the immediacy of this short-term investment.
  5. Is this project directly funding the provision of physical activity or if not, how will it support the delivery of physical activity in the immediate future?
  6. Will the funding go directly to a trusted community organisation rather than be directly delivered by the National Partner or Active Partnership?

Organisations will also need to be able to provide the following to EMD UK if a decision is taken to submit the application to Sport England:

  • Organisations constitution document
  • Bank account verification

Further due diligence in relation to organisations successful in being awarded funding will be made via a Service Level Agreement.

We will not be able to fund every project proposed as this is a limited fund.

We cannot support sole traders with this fund, however  sole traders may explore if/how another eligible organisation could receive any funding on their behalf.

The Together Fund is designed to support organisations to deliver group exercise to the priority groups to help reduce the inequalities in physical activity seen because of COVID-19.  Funding will only be granted for project costs linked to direct delivery.

Costs not supported by this funding include:

  • On-costs and other organisation overheads which are not related to direct delivery.
  • Additional management and administration fees in addition to direct delivery costs.
  • Evaluation costs.

Please note applicants can only apply for up to £10,000 in total and must be able to clearly demonstrate how the funding will be used as part of an application to support direct delivery only.

EMD UK are open to applications from organisations who have received previous Tackling Inequalities Fund funding, providing previous funding and the current application doesn’t amount to more than £30,000. Organisations must be able to clearly demonstrate the need for further funding within their application. This includes  if this application is to support a similar project or to support the same group of participants as a past project.

You can view some past projects we have funded here.

*Applications from limited companies, if approved, will include additional funding conditions requiring reinvestment of any profit from the grant back into the project and a separate bank account in place specifically for this project. For more information regarding these additional conditions please contact

Application Process

Applications will be considered on an on-going basis or until the funding is allocated. Applications for funding can only be accepted until 31 March 2023 (ideally by end of February) for projects that will complete by September 2023.

Applications will be assessed on a bi-weekly basis by EMD UK before being submitted to Sport England for final approval.

Please note we cannot guarantee all applications will be successful.