Train to teach dance-inspired fitness classes that are effective, safe and improve physical and mental well-being.

The Keep Fit Association qualifications capture the essence of Laban Dance Fitness to provide training for those who want to offer an alternative to gym and studio based exercise and fitness programmes. The core class style is structured to give a full body workout that is achievable and fun. Classes are choreographed to music ranging from pop to classical.

Please note; when booking on this duo qualification, please select your preferred Level 2 Qualification  then pick your style specific training (Laban Dance Fitness Certificate) as an add on as you complete your booking.

What are Laban’s principles?

Throughout its long history, the Keep Fit Association has dedicated itself to the provision of safe and effective exercise, movement and dance. Based on Rudolf Laban’s principles, classes provide a holistic workout with functional fitness through creative choreography. Laban was a dance theorist, teacher and choreographer who analysed movement. This course provides a unique opportunity to develop creativity using dance and movement ideas that will make your class different and stand out from other disciplines.

Price from £150

Training bursary available

KFA membership included

Laban Dance Fitness Certificate

Students will experience and explore a wide range of Laban topics and themes, how to utilise the content to create classwork as well as developing their own choreography to achieve physical benefits alongside this unique product.

To book this course, please contact Jackie Winder, National Training and Qualifications Secretary – by email or phone 07979 750382

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