Ross Perriam - CEO of EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise

EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise, has announced its CEO, Ross Perriam, is to step down in June.

Perriam joined EMD UK, then named The Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership, in 2015. He re-positioned the organisation as EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise in 2016 and increased its remit to grow participation in group exercise through training and supporting the fitness workforce. Since 2016, one million more people are participating in group exercise[1], with nearly five million taking part on a weekly basis.

Perriam will leave EMD UK in June to become Chief Executive of the RAF Central Fund, a charity dedicated to supporting the development, wellbeing and morale of RAF personnel through their participation in sport.

On working at EMD UK, Perriam said “It has been an honour to work at EMD UK the past four years. We have made huge strides as an organisation and the important work we do for the sector will continue. I’d like to thank the EMD UK team, the board and Nigel, the chair, for their support and I look forward to seeing how EMD UK continues to grow participation in group exercise.”

The recruitment for the new CEO of EMD UK has begun. In the interim, EMD UK chair, Nigel Wallace, will extend his duties and step in to support the senior management team in continuing to deliver EMD UK’s mission   and extend its reach and influence within the instructor market.

Nigel Wallace said “It’s been great working with Ross and it’s inevitable that good people get good opportunities presented to them. Thanks to Ross and the team’s hard work we’re in a great place to attract the next leader of EMD UK in what is an incredibly exciting period of growth and opportunity for the organisation.”

[1] National Fitness Survey, EMD UK, 2018