As your national governing body for group exercise, at EMD UK we’re passionate about ensuring all group trainers and group exercise instructors are trained to the highest standards so they can confidently take their careers in the precise direction they want to take them in. And that’s why we’ve launched our brand new Level 2 Group Training Qualification, exclusive to EMD UK, and jam packed with the most current, on-trend, and inspiring content, designed to set group trainers up to succeed.

Give Your Group Training Career a Boost

With competition in the sector fierce and demand for experienced group exercise instructors on the rise, there’s never been a more pressing time to take the next steps and expand your offerings to your clients.

Great group exercise instructors are constantly looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their classes, attract new members and keep existing ones coming back for more.

But the fitness landscape is constantly changing. Technology is playing a significantly disruptive role, with all manner of apps and wearable devices providing ever more convenient ways for people to work out in their own time and in their own way. Online fitness workshops, too, are becoming more popular, making it harder for group trainers to attract people to their classes and grow their business.

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Both personal trainers and group exercise instructors working today, need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and truly question what they need to do to remain relevant to clients.

In order to stand out and keep your clientele interested in what you have to offer, you need to be able to do more than the same handful of routines week in, week out. With so many different fitness options available today, you need to offer variety to keep participants interested. And to do that, you need the skills that will enable you to develop your programmes and adapt to the shifting requirements of clients.

None of this is easy. But by enrolling on our Level 2 Group Training Qualification, EMD UK will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to pack out your classes and create a hugely successful business for yourself.

Level 2 Group Training Qualification from EMD UK

Want to learn how to train large groups in the safest, most effective, and most engaging manner possible? Our Level 2 Group Training Qualification is for you.

Many personal and group exercise instructors today often put their clients through what is essentially a random list of workouts without paying attention to proper form, exercise selection, or class flow.

What’s more, many trainers and group exercise instructors are self-employed – EMD UK’s own research indicates that this is the case with over 61% of female and over 46% of male fitness professionals working today – and often lack the support, tools, and entrepreneurial skills to set them up for a long, rewarding, and profitable career.

And that’s the great thing about EMD UK’s Level 2 Group Training Qualification. Our comprehensive course covers all bases – from class planning to tax advice to marketing tips – to get your career moving faster.

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On our new Level 2 Group Training Course, you will learn from our expert tutors all the practical skills needed to plan and deliver the highest quality group exercise classes for your community. The focus is on teaching classes that don’t “move to the beat”, but instead offer a range of exercises – such as HIIT (high-intensity interval training), strength and conditioning, circuits, and core workouts – in one class.

Your learning will take place both online and in a physical classroom environment. In all, you will complete four weeks of online learning prior to the first on-course day, of which there will be four in total. Assessment will take place over two days, and consist of both practical and written assessments.

As well as learning how to programme a variety of exercises using a range of equipment, you will also gain important skills that will help you succeed, such as learning the different ways of communicating and inspiring effectively to small groups of 4-6 participants and larger groups of over 50.

In addition, you will learn crucial business skills, including how to keep financial records and expenses, how to register as self-employed with HMRC, how to fill out your tax returns, and how to market your business by leveraging the vast array of online and social media tools available today.

Upon completing the course, as well as receiving your shiny new Level 2 Group Trainer Qualification, you will also benefit from a year’s full insurance, and will receive ongoing support from EMD UK’s dedicated instructor support team, and have access to our exclusive online business and marketing resources, brand discounts, and more besides.

Be One of the First Instructors in the UK to Become a Qualified Group Trainer

Ready to give your career a boost and take your group exercise offering to the next level? Enrol on EMD UK’s fantastic new Level 2 Group Trainer Course today and a whole world of new career opportunities will open up to you.

You’ll be able to use your knowledge and skills to develop new classes and concepts, and have all the support you need from EMD UK to create a truly successful business for yourself. You’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade your qualification by taking the Group Training to Music modules, and continue your education to be a fully-qualified personal trainer.

To find out more about EMD UK’s Level 2 Group Training Qualification, simply click here, or get in touch with EMD UK today.