If you want to make your group exercise training stand out, endorsement from your EMD UK could be a step in right direction. As the national governing body for group exercise, we’re committed to supporting organisations in delivering excellence across the sector. Our endorsement is a seal of approval for training programmes, acting as a mark of quality. It gives trainee instructors piece of mind that they’re attending a recognised course and gives class participants confidence that they’re attending a session taught by an appropriately qualified instructor.

Becoming endorsed by EMD UK has fully prepared me in all aspects of putting together a training course for Jiggy Jump instructors, “ explains Jamie Warburton, founder of Jiggy Jump. “Now Jiggy Jump’s training course is endorsed potential instructors can rest assured it has the national governing body for group exercise stamp of approval.

A group exercise instructor in a body conditioning class, smiling at the front

Now, we know what you’re thinking; you’re a busy person and pretty pushed for time as it is. How will you fit in getting endorsed? Don’t sweat it; with a dedicated training team on-hand to guide you every step of the way, endorsement may be easier than you think.

The process was so much simpler than we thought it would be,” says Gillian Urquhart, founder of Highland Hustle.The EMD UK staff worked hard to get our endorsement sorted and we are so pleased to have this quality mark attached to our product.

A group of fitness people sitting in a gym discussing their exercises

We understand that your organisation isn’t the same as the next; you may make people sweat with one product or you may have five for them to choose from. We’ve created packages to suit organisations, no matter their size. You don’t have to be a member with us either, any organisations can come to us for support. We’re good like that.

Interested? A little tempted? We thought you might be. Click here for more information and to start your endorsement journey with EMD UK.