Free instructor resource for group exercise professionals

Since 17 March, EMD UK has been helping group exercise instructors deal with the challenges of COVID-19. We are now collating that help, with new advice, into the EMD UK Group Ex Support Pack.

As a group ex instructor, you’ll understand the challenges the sector has faced during this period. There has been some uncertainty around how to continue group exercise through ‘the new normal’ and beyond. To assist, we have collected a series of free resources to support and guide you onward with your career.

You can read and download our main document, the EMD UK Group Ex Support Pack, here.

There you will find an overview of how to plan for venues that open and venues that remain shut, as well as a checklist to ensure your delivery is fully COVID-19 compliant. The document makes reference to a variety of additional resources, which you can download below.

Your EMD UK Group Ex Support Pack Resources includes:

  • New social distancing and outdoor exercise risk assessments
  • Blogs and documents from industry experts in teaching, cueing, social media, and more
  • Signposting to areas you can access guidance from, including St John’s Ambulance for new first aid guidelines and advice
  • Newsletter templates and marketing ideas

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