This is a guest blog from Flowetic. You can find out more about them and meet all our members here.

When Lindsay Jay invited myself and best friend/business partner Dominique to present at her fitness retreat, YogaFit Ibiza, we had a tough decision to make. Hunkering under a broken umbrella in the pouring rain at the time, we thought about teaching in the sunshine, and a full two minutes later, started looking at flights.

Having never been on a fitness retreat of any kind before, I had no idea what to expect. Dominique had been on a yoga retreat the previous year so I asked her what it was like. She described the place where she stayed as beautiful but isolated (‘I kid you not the nearest decent wifi spot was an hour’s walk away’). All of the food options were vegan, there was no coffee (or caffeine of any description if you’re a builders tea kind of gal like me) and definitely no alcohol. Dom’s experience sounded wonderful, but she also admitted that she found it difficult at times. Naturally, I wondered how Dom’s retreat was going to compare with this one? Either way, I was very much looking forward to finding out.

We arrived at the beautiful Cala Blanca Beach Resort on the Eastern coast of Ibiza Island and were greeted by the friendly YogaFit team. After checking into our lovely room overlooking the sea, we headed down to lunch with the rest of the group who had joined us. When you hear the words ‘all-inclusive buffet’, you would be forgiven for imagining a slightly less beige version of what you were served in your school canteen. This buffet, however, was full of colour, and was filled to the brim with beautiful fresh salads, fruits, vegetables, fish and meats that catered for every taste. Drinks, including beer and wine, were on tap …literally.

When myself and Dom poured over the programme timetable, it became glaringly obvious to us that this retreat would be a completely unique experience, dependant entirely on what each individual wanted to get from it. You could choose to do as little or as much as you liked but there really was something for everyone. Classes included; yoga, beach walks, bhangracise, pilates, qigong, bellydance, barre, dance fitness, cooking, twerking and meditation – to name a few!

We got ready to teach our first class of the retreat which was a Flowetic class on the main stage. Half way through, I took a moment to glance at the sea and the mountainous backdrop and it occurred to me that I have never before taught a class in a place lovelier than this.

When you walk around the resort, people you’ve never met before smile as you pass them (I appreciate this will not seem like a foreign concept to lots of you, but if you’ve ever been on the tube in London at rush hour, you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from). A huge part of the reason our experience was such a positive one was because of the people. The Yogafit team, Lindsay, Ivor, Ken and Antonia are open, kind and generous people, and this filters through to each person the moment they arrive.

Whether you’re looking for a week of mindfulness and soul searching or whether you want to do five high intensity classes a day, I think everyone should give this retreat a go. Trust me, you won’t find a lovelier place run by lovelier people and frankly, we can’t wait to go back!

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