Our Instructor Revolution 2023 has a jam packed stream dedicated to yoga.

Enhance your yoga teaching practice with expert speakers across a wide range of areas.


Event welcome.

Settle in for your day off learning. Don’t forget to grab a notepad, pen, and a drink!


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Session: Yoga therapy for fatigue conditions (Long Covid, post-viral fatigue, ME/CFS)

Delivered by Leah Barnett

In this session we will briefly look at how fatigue conditions affect the body and mind.  We will also explore how to approach teaching this client group and use some simple techniques to help support participants and clients with these symptoms.


Session: TRX Yoga: Empowering Pre and Postnatal Wellness

Delivered by Charlotte Tooth – TRX

Join us for a rejuvenating and empowering TRX Yoga session designed specifically for expectant mothers and those in the postnatal phase. This unique fusion of TRX suspension training and yoga offers a safe and effective way to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and find balance during this transformative time in your life. Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of your little one or seeking to regain strength and vitality post-birth, this session is tailored to support your physical and emotional well-being. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a series of gentle yet effective movements, combining the benefits of yoga with the stability of TRX to help you feel your best. Embrace the journey of motherhood with a practice that focuses on self-care and empowerment.


Session: Adjustments, language and props – everything you need to know to offer accessible and inclusive yoga classes

Delivered by Donna Noble – Curvesome Yoga

Join Noble Donna for an insightful session on practical things you can do to open your yoga classes to more clients. From adjustments to props via the importance of language, Donna will guide you on a journey to enhance your delivery practice.




Session: ‘Practices as tools for resilience’ – How simple yoga practices can support young people and their mental health

Delivered by Helen McCabe

In this session Helen will share some simple practice tools, including breath, movement and philosophical topics for discussion, that can be incorporated into general group classes for young people. We will look at how different practices can be used to support young people, to give them the tools to help them to calm and balance their nervous system and ultimately to then build resilience. The session will include how to plan classes, depending on the focus and the particular group’s needs.


Session: Trauma sensitive yoga – practical tips on how instructors can adapt their delivery

Delivered by Emma Smallman – drum n bounce fitness

Emma will guide you through a short gentle yoga practice followed by a sharing of experiences teaching in prison, probation and for those in recovery from substance misuse. They’ll then be some practical tips and ideas about working in a trauma informed way which can be adopted for different environments.


Session: How to make your yoga classes and retreats more inclusive and accessible while still respecting yoga’s culture

Delivered by Angie Tiwari – Tiwari Yoga

Angie Tiwari, founder of UNEARTHED, will share the importance of inclusion, accessibility, representation and diversity in yoga. As an Indian yoga teacher who was raised in the culture and with yogic traditions, she shares the importance of honouring these so you can decolonise your yoga practice and make your retreats fully open to all.


Panel discussion.

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