Our Instructor Revolution 2023 has a jam packed timetable of world-class speakers.

With three streams to choose from, you can tailor this event to your own learning objectives. Mix and match as you please!


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Group exercise stream

Session: How Instructors can develop a more trauma informed practice

Delivered by Fiona Roberts – TheMovement Charity

In this theory based session on trauma informed practice, Fiona will talk you through some of the neurobiology to be aware of when working with people who have experienced trauma. You’ll come away with practical tips on how to develop a trauma formed approach to your classes.

Pilates stream

Session: Managing prolapsed discs in the lumbar and thoracic area

Delivered by Michael King

Let’s dive into this session with a discussion of the causes and symptoms of prolapsed discs and the role of Pilates in managing prolapsed discs. Michael will then guide you through a practical demonstration to practice different exercises and corrections. You’ll also have the chance to ask Michael your questions.

Yoga stream

Session: Yoga therapy for fatigue conditions (Long Covid, post-viral fatigue, ME/CFS)

Delivered by Leah Barnett

In this session we will briefly look at how fatigue conditions affect the body and mind.  We will also explore how to approach teaching this client group and use some simple techniques to help support participants and clients with these symptoms.


Group exercise stream

Session: Planning and delivering group fitness sessions for children with special education needs and disability

Delivered by Natalie – Synergy

Are you looking to help more people from disability communities get active? Get advice and support on how to run inclusive sessions through dance and yoga. This workshop will be a combination of practical advice and techniques to enhance the opportunity to keep everyone active, whatever their circumstances.

Pilates stream

Session: Supporting peri- and post-menopausal clients with hip pain

Delivered by Jo Everill-Taylor – Groovelates

Hip pain and menopause go hand in hand – or do they? In this session, Jo Everill-Taylor dives into the myth of ‘inevitable’ hip pain in menopausal clients and how we as instructors can support them and improve their symptoms.

Yoga stream

Session: TRX Yoga: Empowering Pre and Postnatal Wellness

Delivered by Charlotte Tooth – TRX

Join us for a rejuvenating and empowering TRX Yoga session designed specifically for expectant mothers and those in the postnatal phase. This unique fusion of TRX suspension training and yoga offers a safe and effective way to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and find balance during this transformative time in your life. Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of your little one or seeking to regain strength and vitality post-birth, this session is tailored to support your physical and emotional well-being. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a series of gentle yet effective movements, combining the benefits of yoga with the stability of TRX to help you feel your best. Embrace the journey of motherhood with a practice that focuses on self-care and empowerment.


Group exercise stream

Session: Discover the research and clinical benefits of group fitness in managing cardiovascular disease and improving bone density

Delivered by Sam Russell from Les Mills

Join Les Mills Trainer Sam Russell for an insightful session, learning about motivation, harnessing the power of social support and the group effect, and exploring the wellness approach. Sam will be diving into the research and clinical benefits of group fitness in managing cardiovascular disease and improving bone density.

Pilates stream

Session: ‘Just to let you know, I’m pregnant’

Delivered by Cherry Baker.

We’ve all been there – we’ve walked into a session and one of our clients mentions in passing that they’re pregnant. But don’t panic, Cherry Baker is here to offer practical advice on how to manage and support pregnant clients in mainstream classes.

Yoga stream

Session: Adjustments, language and props – everything you need to know to offer accessible and inclusive yoga classes

Delivered by Donna Noble – Curvesome Yoga

Join Noble Donna for an insightful session on practical things you can do to open your yoga classes to more clients. From adjustments to props via the importance of language, Donna will guide you on a journey to enhance your delivery practice.




Group exercise stream

Session: Are you truly inclusive? What inclusive really means

Delivered by Sam James – Inclusfit

Do you use the word inclusive on your advertising? Do you know the true meaning of inclusive? Are you prepared to deal with special populations you did not even think of attracting to your class?  Come and find out how to be really inclusive and how to pitch your advertising to reach the clientele you are really attracting.

Pilates stream

Session: Building Resilience: Pilates Approaches for Osteoporosis

Delivered by Jane Arlow – JA Pilates

Join Jane for an in-depth exploration of Pilates techniques tailored specifically for individuals with osteoporosis. We’ll delve into a carefully curated series of exercises, incorporating small equipment to ensure safety and efficacy. You’ll will learn how to modify movements, provide proper support, and adapt their instruction to cater to varying degrees of bone density loss. This session will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to guide clients with osteoporosis towards improved strength, mobility, and overall well-being.

Yoga stream

Session: ‘Practices as tools for resilience’ – How simple yoga practices can support young people and
their mental health

Delivered by Helen McCabe

In this session Helen will share some simple practice tools, including breath, movement and philosophical topics for discussion, that can be incorporated into general group classes for young people. We will look at how different practices can be used to support young people, to give them the tools to help them to calm and balance their nervous system and ultimately to then build resilience. The session will include how to plan classes, depending on the focus and the particular group’s needs.


Group exercise stream 1

Session: Release, Relax and Restore – An equipment-free way to improve functional mobility and flexibility

Delivered by Helen Carpenter-Waters

Restore function using a variety of original and unique training methods from the world of physical therapy, sport, dance and mind body disciplines. All you need is a clear wall and mat!

Group exercise stream 2

Session: How using Laban themes can bring confidence to the teacher to create purposeful choreography for seated classes.

Delivered by Tonia Gabriel from KFA

This practical session will explore how instructors can use Laban themes in their classes to adapt to your participants needs, this will be a fun chair-based session.

Pilates stream

Session: Buff bones is more than just a set of exercises

Delivered by Helen Pybus

In this practical session Helen will show you how buff bones is an entire system of movement to strengthen bone tissue and improve balance, while removing soft tissue restrictions and re-educating the nervous system.

Yoga stream

Session: Trauma sensitive yoga – practical tips on how instructors can adapt their delivery

Delivered by Emma Smallman – drum n bounce fitness

Emma will guide you through a short gentle yoga practice followed by a sharing of experiences teaching in prison, probation and for those in recovery from substance misuse. They’ll then be some practical tips and ideas about working in a trauma informed way which can be adopted for different environments.


Group exercise stream

Session: Aches, Pains, and Exercise: The Fitness Instructor’s Toolkit for Empowering Clients with arthritis and joint pain.

Delivered by Julie Robinson – Move it or Lose it!

Did you know that 10 million people in the UK have Osteoarthritis? As exercise instructors we will all have people in our classes with joint pain and many of us will know what it’s like ourselves too. Join Julie Robinson for her session on The Fitness Instructor’s Toolkit for Empowering Clients with arthritis and joint pain. In this session, we’ll explore strategies to provide the right guidance, ways to adapt exercises, and offer motivation to clients ensuring their safety and comfort. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your expertise and enhance the well-being of your clients.

Pilates stream

Session: Supporting women to manage their Menopausal symptoms through exercise

Delivered by Gwyneth Hinds

In this presentation we will consider the menopausal changes in the female body with a focus on the musculoskeletal system and pelvic floor. We’ll also look at the role of hormone replacement with oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone, all discuss the importance of exercise in managing symptoms and how as exercise specialists we can support women.

Yoga stream

Session: How to make your yoga classes and retreats more inclusive and accessible while still respecting yoga’s culture

Delivered by Angie Tiwari – Tiwari Yoga

Angie Tiwari, founder of UNEARTHED, will share the importance of inclusion, accessibility, representation and diversity in yoga. As an Indian yoga teacher who was raised in the culture and with yogic traditions, she shares the importance of honouring these so you can decolonise your yoga practice and make your retreats fully open to all.


Panel discussion.

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