Professional services and suppliers

As a group exercise instructor, it’s important to know who you can go to for professional services to advance your business. At EMD UK, we put our trust in the following suppliers to do the best job for you.

Sound Dynamics

Sound Dynamics logo

Sound Dynamics are the go-to company for instructor audio essentials. What these guys don’t know about head-mics, portable stereos and instructor tech isn’t worth knowing. They’re friendly team will give you the best advice and match products to your class spec so you’re safe in the knowledge you’ll never be over sold. Check them out now!

Amazing Jane

Amazing Jane takes active wear to the next level: Amazing Jane creates a look to empower women and make them feel great. Amazing Jane also hold offer Plain Jane; a bespoke clothing provider to the fitness and leisure industry allowing them to offer branded clothing for their customers.

Sweetlife Films

Take your workouts to the world! Sweatlife Films specializes in video production and video marketing for the health and fitness industry. We create and film fitness workouts, social media promos and all the video marketing assets you need to promote your services, events and products.

Pure Energy

Pure Energy is Europe’s largest fitness music provider, supplying all aspects of the industry with innovative music solutions.

Founded in 1992, Pure Energy pioneered the first legal fitness music service, ensuring that Exercise To Music instructors across the UK were using high quality, fully licensed original artist music for the first time. Our groundbreaking music service is still providing thousands of instructors with monthly releases on both CD and download covering all fitness disciplines and music styles, as well as producing bespoke, commissioned music mixes.  Working alongside Pure Energy is a team of fitness professionals whose input into the production process to make sure that every release is crafted to perfection.

Pure Energy also offers a range of PPL-free and 100% licence-free releases along with exclusive discounts to EMD UK members!

Graeme Tennick


We as a firm recognise the various reasons people go into business and frame our service offering around the needs of our clients.

We also recognise that three of the key problems encounter at various stages in their business from the start-up stage to high growth business which include:

  1. Time – we never seem to have enough of it even though we all have the same amount in a working day.
  2. Information – we either don’t have it, have too much of it or simply don’t know what to do with it.
  3. Money – we don’t have enough of it.

Having recognised these issues we have some of the must cutting edge technology to help people overcome these at very affordable prices.  We even have a digital-only software package for clients that will actually delay you needing to engage an accountant on a full-time basis until you’re ready and can afford to do so.

It costs nothing for an initial chat with us so why not get in touch today as we know people like dealing with people and we like to challenge the stereotypical accountant that people often expect to encounter when the word is even mentioned. Let us prove it to you.


Introducing FabLittleBag, the best thing to happen to periods since tampons! Never again choose between blocking the toilet or doing the loo roll wrap, now there’s a fab way to dispose of tampons and pads.

These opaque, biodegradable disposal bags can be opened one-handed and then seal closed, in one nifty move; no leaks, no odour.

It’s the best disposal method, period.

Cover Ninja

Cover Ninja is the go-to app for group exercise instructors allowing them to quickly and easily find cover for their classes as well as pick up additional cover work and earn more money!

The ultimate community of qualified instructors, Cover Ninja transforms the long-winded, manual class cover process into a simple, efficient and targeted method, replacing outdated cover lists and using technology to do all the hard work behind the scenes.

FitMix Pro

FitMix Pro is the most popular music service for Pro Fitness (as seen on BBC show Dragons’ Den!). We supply instructors and training providers with seamless custom mixes for your classes. You can browse thousands of mixes for all styles of classes. Choose the ideal tracks for your class, and our exclusive AutoDJ creates your seamless mix in minutes! You can download, order a CD or get the free App to play mixes directly from your phone.


RXBAR is a real food protein bar made with a short list of high-quality ingredients: egg whites for protein, nuts for texture, dates to bind. Each minimal-ingredient bar packs 12 grams of protein and contains no gluten, preservatives or artificial ingredients. They’re perfect for a breakfast on the go, afternoon snack, or pre/post-workout fuel. Available in four flavour varieties; Coconut Chocolate, Chocolate Sea Salt, Blueberry and Peanut Butter. Use code RXBAR20 for 20% off and free next day delivery for boxes of 12.


Realnet logo

We are a digital agency based in Cambridge UK with over 20 years’ experience, providing services that are tailored to each customer and their business.

We continue to grow by creating websites using the latest design and technology; while our digital marketing experts stay up-to-date with best practices.

As your digital partner, we offer digital marketing expertise, creative web design, web development, and more to generate you enquiries.

Marketing Fitness

Marketing Fitness specialises in working directly with gyms and fitness related businesses by supporting them in building bespoke digital marketing strategies, through Facebook and Instagram advertisements, to ultimately generate more sales and leads for their business.

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Group exercise is an exciting and diverse mix of styles and activities that caters to ‘someone like me’ and everyone should have the opportunity to take part. EMD UK is committed to driving positive change within the industry and we believe that through cooperation and collaboration with industry bodies, understanding and removing the barriers that prevent people from taking part and by supporting instructors to deliver excellence, we can achieve a healthier nation through exercise. See how you can get involved below…