Our brand ambassadors love everything about fitness and help us get more people into the world of group exercise. Whether that’s inspiring someone to take their first step into a class or to #StandAtTheFront and become an instructor!

At EMD UK, we’re all about driving quality, offering support and empowering the movers and shakers out there. We love to collaborate with our ambassadors to further spread our message and get the nation healthier and happier.

Being an EMD UK Ambassador involves:

  • Spreading the word about their work with us and promoting the opportunities and support available to other participants, instructors and organisations
  • Championing our brand, vision and mission – generally being a great testament to what group exercise is really all about!
  • Attending, presenting or instructing at one of our or our partner’s events
  • Wearing all the fabulous merchandise we give them
  • Guest blogging/vlogging for us a couple of times a year – if that’s their thing

In exchange for being an awesome ambassador, we:

  • Involve ambassadors in exciting PR opportunities, including national events and campaigns
  • Give ambassadors exposure through our website and social media channels
  • Supply ambassadors with free merchandise and an ESSENTIAL instructor support package if they currently teach classes
  • Pay ambassadors commission on referral sales
  • Give recognition of working with us, as the national governing body

Applications for our ambassador scheme are currently closed. Please check back soon to check if we’ve reopened.