Our thoughts on Google’s upcoming new feature, Reserve with Google – Simple, seamless booking at spas, studios and gyms.

Who invented peanut butter? How many squats does it take to burn 100 calories? What makes cheese so delicious? What’s the strongest animal in the world? Is Joe Wicks single? All legitimate things we may turn to Google to find the answers for. We know that another popular search term is ‘Group exercise classes near me’, but this is only the beginning. Soon you’ll be able to locate and book onto UK group fitness classes using Reserve with Google, a new feature on Google Maps.

As the national governing body for group exercise, we’re passionate about achieving a healthier nation through exercise. This positive step in streamlining the connection between participants and classes gives us great excitement. Our research has told us that 68% of the population are not really aware what group exercise classes are available near them (EMD UK, National Survey, 2016).

Fear of the unknown

In today’s world it’s vital for any business to be locatable online and this could not be truer for group exercise instructors and providers. Whilst it’s important to know which websites to promote yourself on, it’s also important to seek out ways you can stand out in the market. This isn’t necessarily by offering something completely wacky, but by being cutting edge in how you present yourself online and in the amount of detail you give. Our work as a national governing body means we regularly explore the barriers to participation, and a recurring theme we identify is the fear of the unknown.

It’s this fear that leads to questions such as; who else will be there? How hard will it be? What do I wear? How do I know it’s safe? What will I learn? If potential class goers don’t find the answers to these questions, then it’s very likely they won’t attend.

It’s here that we can take some learning from the online dating industry. The more details (or data) you provide Match.com or Tinder’s algorithm with, the more likely it will match you with your next true love. This principle is the same when someone is searching for their new fitness class. Websites, such as Class Finder and our Class Search, enable you to provide the answers to the unknown and allow your personality to shine.

List your class details, teacher bio, specialisms and qualifications on our Class Search

Register your details with Class Finder

Stay in the know

Stay ahead of the online game by regularly checking in with us at EMD UK. We’ll be announcing further details on our progression with Class Finder and the ODI, as well as other exciting technological advances and how you can get involved soon. Keep an eye out for further updates at www.emduk.org/latest

Useful links:


EMD UK class search – https://emduk.org/instructors/promote-a-class/.

Class Finder –  http://www.classfinder.org.uk/


To locate high quality instructors for your centre, project, classes or events visit –www.emduk.org/instructors/find-an-instructor


To search for a local group exercise – https://portal.emduk.org/find-a-class or http://www.classfinder.org.uk/