Not just the home of successful football teams. 

Manchester’s rich and varied history has sculpted it into the city it is today. As a stalwart of the industrial revolution and an essential site of the war effort in the 1940s, Manchester remains a strong hub of industry, whether that be digital, financial or other. Anyway, let’s talk fun!

Whether you like the quiet life or enjoy going ‘mad for iiiiiiiit’, Manchester caters for all. If shopping is your other sport, why not taking a trip the Arndale? It’s the UK’s largest city centre shopping centre, so be prepared to spend more than a couple of hours/hundred here.

Manchester was voted the ‘best UK city to live in’, according to The Global Liveability Survey 2015. Try your course here first and then find a house.

Vegetarianism is said to have been born in Manchester. Reverend William Cowherd preached the moral benefits of a meat-free diet over 200 years ago. The Vegetarian Society was formed by his followers, the Cowherdites. Ironically, the church where Cowherd took his sermons was the Beefsteak Chapel. Fortunately, the name didn’t hold them back.

We couldn’t talk about Manchester though without discussing the music scene; The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis, The Verve, M People, Simply Red and Take That, to name but a few, all herald from Manchester. Music is in the city’s blood and you can’t stroll far without hearing the sound of a guitar or discovering a hole in the wall music venue. Manchester Arena was even voted International Venue of the Year in 2007 so check the listings whilst on your course to see what all the fuss is about. Don’t stay up too late though, you’ve got a qualification to pass!

With your course taking place close to Manchester city centre, download our handy guide to get a real taste of how your course city break could shape up.

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