If you’re looking to give your instructor training programme a competitive edge look no further than our training endorsement and development packages. From giving your training a quality stamp of approval to supporting you to develop a brand new fitness programme, check out how we can help you grow and enhance your product.


Our endorsement not only gives peace of mind to your trainees knowing they’re attending a recognised course, but it also gives class participants confidence that they’re attending a session taught by an appropriately qualified instructor.

As part of the endorsement you’ll receive dedicated support, along with invaluable advice from a member of the training team to ensure the process is streamlined, straightforward and pain free.

Sound good to you? Contact us for more information and to arrange an inital consultation.


If you aspire to develop a new or existing instructor training programme, but are strapped for time or feel uncertain about which direction you’re heading, our development offer could be just what you need. Providing you with invaluable advice from experts in the field you can rest assured your product is in safe hands with the training team.

From initial ideas to up and running courses, our team will draw on extensive experience and expertise to help you develop a high quality and sought after training product.

Sound good to you? Contact us for more information and to arrange an initial consultation.

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