Here you can find some handy resources for the School Games, including resource cards and videos. These resources are for secondary schools.

Free School Games Resources

In partnership with the School Games, we have provided some resource cards and videos that you can use in your sessions as a base to get you started. All resource cards and videos can be adapted to age, ability and needs of your participants.

Street Dance

Here are some street dance videos to get you started. There are enough here to teach you the solid basics and create some routines. Special thanks to UDO for assisting with these videos.

Bollywood Dance

Here you can learn the basics of Bollywood dancing. There’s enough here to choreograph some great routines!

Dance Circuits

Dance fitness sure is a good workout and combining these videos makes for a challenging yet fun session. There are enough videos here to create loads for different sessions; mix it up regularly so you and your participants gain some great dance skills!

Party Fitness

Grab your glow sticks and check these party fitness videos. There’s enough here to learn the basics and choreograph some great routines.