Whether you provide business support to fitness brands or sell exercise equipment, we have opportunities for you to expand your brand awareness and reach more interested consumers.

  • Showcase your brand logo and overview on our dedicated supplier partner webpage
  • Offer discounts to our member database of over 2,000 instructors and fitness brands
  • Be affiliated with EMD UK*
  • Initial and yearly call with your dedicated account manager
  • Quarterly advertising of services through e-Newsletters
  • Join networking events with our brand partners every quarter**
  • Receive our monthly e-newsletter to all Brand Partners and Supplier Partners
  • Add your product or service to UK wide competitions
  • Gain insight on click throughs and interest in your discount codes

We have a range of brands already reaping the benefits of this membership including:

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EMD UK stores and processes your personal data to send you updates about group exercise and/or to provide the service that you require. Please read the EMD UK Privacy Notice.

*Criteria for all Supplier Partner affiliation agreements –

  • Must be a group ex related product, eg fitness equipment, clothing, music, products related to group ex (sound systems), services, wellness products
  • Only supplement products endorsed by Informed Sport
  • Must not be a competing product to EMD UK (eg insurance)

**In person and virtual. Spaces limited and delivered on a first come, first served basis.

We will not accept promotion, advertising, sponsorship, merchandising or sale of alcohol, tobacco-based products, arms, payday loans or pornography (“Restricted Products”),  by the Partner

The Partner will not seek or accept any financial investment (whether for the Project Plan or otherwise) from any person who is:

(a)    subject to any government sanctions; or

(b)    involved in the production, distribution or promotion of Restricted Products.