Marketing is huge business, whether that’s films, food, fashion or fitness. It’s unavoidable; billboards, TV adverts, jingles, product placement. And why? Because marketing works. Contrary to popular belief, marketing your business and group exercise classes doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here’s some of our favourite hacks that savvy instructors like you should definitely know about.

Free class promotion

Now, we know what you’re thinking; free marketing? There must be a catch; perhaps it’s not very good, right? Wrong. So so wrong. There are some fantastic websites you can use to market your classes for free with no strings attached.

As the national governing body for group exercise, EMD UK offer a plethora of support to fitness instructors and professionals wanting to reach more participants. A great feature on their website is the ‘Promote My Class’ function, allowing instructors to list their classes for free. With people viewing the EMD UK site every day and no costs attached to listing, it’s a no brainer for anyone wanting to market their classes.

Start promoting your classes for free here.

Social media training

We all like to think we’re whizzes on social media; 45 Instagram likes and we feel like Beyoncé. However, the day-to-day posts of funny memes, pictures of avocado and political commentary shares are not necessarily best for your business.

There is light on the horizon; meet Yvonne Radley, all-round superstar and founder of Big Me Up Media. Far from being just a super savvy marketer, Yvonne’s business specialises in fitness, health, wellness and beauty. With over 25 years’ experience, she is the go-to person for any fitness professional looking to grow their business. As Yvonne says “Don’t get fame; get clients”.

She has helped grow the likes of fitness professional Katie Bulmer-Cooke and yoga star Donna Noble and you could be next on the list. Yvonne’s Media School is a must for anyone wanting the growth without the price tag. Members with EMD UK can benefit from up to £150 off their Media School training; an absolute steal!

Find out more here.

Become an ambassador

Our brand ambassadors love everything about fitness and help us get more people into the world of group exercise. Whether that’s inspiring someone to take their first step into a class or to #StandAtTheFront and become an instructor!

Being an ambassador is an exciting opportunity that can really grow your name and get you out there; what’s more, it’s totally fun! In exchange for attending, presenting or instructing at events, guest blogging, and wearing some pretty sweet merchandise, you’ll be involved in exciting PR opportunities, including national events and campaigns, get exposure through social media channels and earn commission. With free promotion and even a little pocket money to be made, this one should be top of your list.

You can apply to become an EMD UK ambassador and meet our current ones here.

Resources from the experts

EMD UK offer their instructor members a huge amount of resources to keep their business running smoothly. From class resources and help documents, to marketing promotion and business / admin essentials, their resource area is indispensable.

In terms of marketing, not only is there a whole section on the subject, they’ve even created a document to guide instructors through attracting and engaging people who don’t currently exercise. With so many resources on offer and all looking to build your business, buying a support package from the national governing body of group exercise is a must.

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Keep yourself in the know

Fitness can be fickle and trends come and go; there may come a point when the classes that were once full to brim become a ghost town. Keeping an eye of what’s hot and what’s not can help you get ahead of the game, especially when it comes to training opportunities. Keeping your repertoire fresh and funky is a sure way to stand your ground against your competitors. It also makes it easier to market yourself to leisure providers in your area; an instructor who teaches five different ‘on trend’ class styles could be of more value to them than an instructor who teaches just one, no matter how amazing that one class is.

Registering as an instructor with EMD UK gives you access to their monthly newsletter, which is jam-packed with training opportunities, courses and CPD. It’s free, fresh and requires minimal effort from you.

So, there you have it – five marketing hacks that can have big, positive impacts on your life. Some may not be free, but they could be worth their weight in gold. Find out more information on EMD UK and how you can benefit from their expertise here.