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The self-employed instructor’s guide to tax returns

With online tax returns just around the corner, you may have some questions about how, where, and what to submit. Luckily, help is at hand.

Join the wonderful Andrew Crawford, CEO of Fitness Industry Accountants, as he answers your questions and gets you prepared way ahead of the 31 January online tax return deadline.

You can also download a self-employment manual too which is super helpful.

Join Helen Tite as we talk about ageing and how it relates to your customers

As a group exercise professional, you’ll know the importance of an active lifestyle. But how much thought do you give to active ageing?  The ageing market is a growing market and one that group exercise instructors like you can make a big difference in. 

Helen Tite, pro-ageing trainer and fitness consultant, shares tips on how you can shape and grow your customer base and be smart with your own ageing too!

Pivoting your group ex business to online – a chat with Liz Patient

Is on-demand still a viable business for group exercise instructors? Can instructors make a reliable income stream from online classes?  Special guest Liz Patient joins host Sue Wilkie to discuss how she pivoted her Pilates business to online during the pandemic and how she is still making an income from online classes.
Liz, founder of Pilates for Runners, will be talking about the challenges and successes her business has faced and what top tips she can provide instructors who want to expand and thrive in the on-demand market.

B.O.R.N – The 4-step system for creating your group exercise program

Join Lincoln in this informative webinar where he shares simple action steps that you can put in place to create your own transformational group exercise program. You will gain an understanding of where your program will fit in your fitness business, the key elements to include as well as the key mistakes that many fitness professionals make.

You will see why creating a signature program, helps you stand out from the opposition and allows you to escape your sessions being compared to someone else purely on price. By the end of this session you will have a clearer understanding of the key steps to create your program as well as some tools to help simplify this process. Find Lincoln’s free five day course here:

Getting women active with This Girl Can Classes

Since 2015, Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign has inspired millions of women to engage in physical activity. Now, EMD UK have teamed up with the campaign to get women less active through group exercise with This Girl Can Classes.
Shelley Meyern, Head of Operations at EMD UK, is joined by Frances Drury, Senior Marketing Manager at This Girl Can, and Faye Edwards, group exercise manager and fitness presenter, to discuss the brand new This Girl Can Classes training opportunities for instructors and how the classes can positively benefit instructors and communities across the nation.

Instructor, know your worth!

Following on from our very successful webinar on imposter syndrome, we’re now asking instructors to know your worth!

Know Your Worth is about exactly that. How to become and recognise what makes you that ‘go to’ fitness professional and why you should be paid accordingly! Join host Sue Wilkie and special guest Helen Carpenter-Waters, as they answer challenging questions and get instructors to know their worth!

Social media engagement for group exercise instructors

Are you getting the most out of social media? Confused about how to use Facebook for business? Let the experts help you!

Host Sue Wilkie, Head of Instructor Development at EMD UK, is joined by fitness presenter Anna Martin, Director of AMF World, to dish out top tips that instructors can use to maximise their social media and attract new clients to classes.

‘This is me!’ – Tackling Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like you can’t do your job properly despite being an excellent instructor? Do you ever get a voice in your head saying you’re not competent even though you’re qualified? This is imposter syndrome!

In our last series of webinars, many instructors commented that they suffered from imposter syndrome. Now we’re tackling that head on!

Host Sue Wilkie, Head of Instructor Development at EMD UK, is joined by fitness trainer, consultant and founder of icareimove, Helen Tite, to discuss 5 steps to building your Self Brand. We will discuss how to begin to build your confidence in your selling of yourself and how to get out of the way, when it comes to growing an unstoppable business.

COVID-19 – What you need to know before your clients come back to class

What do you need to know about the effects of COVID-19 and Long-COVID before your clients return to classes?

Sue Wilkie, our Head of Instructor Development, is joined by special guest speakers Mel Spooner, Managing Director of CAWS, and Dr Colin Robertson, Education Director of CAWS to discuss the realities of COVID-19 and Long-COVID, what your considerations are as a group instructor, and how to best prepare in the event that any of your clients and members return to class having endured COVID-19 and Long-COVID.

Building a community outside of your classes

Marcus Kingwell, CEO of EMD UK, is joined by Janice Gronow, Training Coordinator for FLexercise, Lynne Dowdican, Chair of the Keep Fit Association (KFA), and Barbara Rose, Chair of the Medau Society to discuss how instructors can build a loyal following through activities outside of the class setting and how this contributes to a successful business.

Monetising on-demand content

In the third of a series of webinars for instructors, Richard Playfair of Sweatlife Films joins host Sue Wilkie, Head of Instructor Development at EMD UK, to discuss how instructors can create a revenue stream through their on-demand content and how to cultivate the best on-demand experience.

Building yourself as a brand

In the second of a series of webinars for instructors, fitness industry favourite Lincoln Bryden joins host Sue Wilkie, Head of Instructor Development at EMD UK, to discuss how instructors can build themselves as a brand to maximise client reach and build a successful following.

Delivering excellence online

Stuart Wilkinson of Sound Dynamics joins host Sue Wilkie, Head of Instructor Development at EMD UK, to discuss how instructors can deliver excellent online class experiences and leave their participants wanting more!

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