December 14, 2016

Starting his athletic career as an American football star for USC, then moving on become a NABA professional super heavyweight bodybuilding champion in the US and UK, Matt suffered a double hip replacement from years of aggressive physical wear.  When he was asked to be the first male ambassador for lululemon in Europe , he was very surprised,  but quickly discovered the incredible value of yoga in sport and set out to become a licensed teacher. Matt then created a brand of yoga that would inspire a new generation of men and athletically minded women to the mat.
Broga® is designed to be a challenging workout that simultaneously incorporates traditional yoga to significantly open up tight areas like hips and hamstrings .
In only its 3rd year Broga@ sweeping the UK and Europe and even looking to South East Asia and the Middle East.
Have a look at what Matt is up to on his YouTube channel and be sure to check out the DVD. Matt can be reached on