Clubbercise Combat+Tone makes its debut at the International Fitness Showcase

Born in the UK in 2013 there are now thousands of people taking regular Clubbercise classes all over the world and they recently launched a brand new class concept for people who prefer less dance-based workouts.

Clubbercise Combat+Tone features mostly punching, kicking, jumping, squatting and lunging, set to a soundtrack of club anthems from the 90s to the latest hits. Like the original Clubbercise concept, the classes are taught in a darkened room and participants use Clubbercise trademark glow sticks which bring a fun element as well as creating a nightclub atmosphere.

Hundreds of people had their first Combat+Tone experience at the International Fitness Showcase which took place at the iconic Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Afterwards, participant Jo said “It was an unreal session, the energy and atmosphere were on another level!”

The new concept can be taught as a 30 or 45 minute class and the routines all have high and low impact options to make it inclusive for all fitness levels and abilities.

Jodie Louise, PT, says “This has only been on the timetable since February and it’s already proven to be such a popular addition!”

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