This is a guest blog from Nikkie Riozzi from Pure Energy GO.

Trying to create that perfect playlist that expresses a summertime feeling is essential planning as a group exercise instructor.

Picking the right music for the right class is one of our many super powers as an instructor. Our choice of music can make all the difference as to whether a class member returns over and over again or not, so here are a few ideas I hope will help.

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The “MIX BAG” Crowd

When you have a class that has everyone from the university students who like to party all night, to your aunt Joan who likes to just give it a go and sing along to the classics it can be tricky to please everyone. And who knows, aunt Joan might be a secret drum and bass fanatic. 

The point is most people enjoy more than one style of music, with this in mind we can plan our classes with different levels of adaptation and progression, whilst at the same time make an amazing eclectic playlist. 

When planning a single tracked dance fitness workout, I would choose a track with a strong vocal lead to warm everyone up, which also has a great vibe that pulls them in and gets them hooked, then takes the energy steadily up throughout.

From the amazing music offered by Pure Energy GO I would suggest tracks from our “Nu Pop” or “Vibes” albums. These albums have great verse-chorus style tracks for simple effective choreography, after you’ve played them a few times they become the tracks they will ask for!


“Scream if you wanna go faster and harder!” This crowd craves heavier basslines and faster tempos, they want to feel like they are at a summer festival, in a field, bouncing to their favourite DJ throwing their hands up in the air!

For this tribe, I would probably go for the “AeroEnergy, SummerHouse” or “Liquid Drum & Bass 1+ 2”. They have some amazing and incredibly uplifting tracks that feel like a dance festival.

The “CHILLOUT” Crowd

This is an easy one for me, as I am a big fan of the mind body collections as they give me endless possibilities. 

From “Summer Stillness” where you can hear the sounds of the sea and birds and even rainbows in the sky. This album is beautifully ambient, just close your eyes and you could be sunbathing on a peaceful sandy beach getting some well earned RnR.

If you need something with a bit more beat and vocalisation, I would highly recommend “Mind Body Mediterranean”. This album has a chilled Latin vibe, with occasional vocals and beautiful notes of the acoustic Spanish guitar.

Let’s not forget our incredible “Mind Body Beats” collection for example “Ibiza Sunrise” that brings a chilled out sound with a beat. I would use this for a more up tempo style of yoga, Pilates or mobility class.

Utilising these incredible selections I hope it covers most of your working timetable, from one end of the group ex spectrum to the other. Music is like medicine, it can not only drive your class energy, but also help improve people’s mental health. With this in mind it is very important we take time to listen and understand our audience, and give them the best class experience we can. Allow yourself time to listen and enjoy the music too, because if the music lifts you, it’s going to inspire your crowd and lift them too.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the music and the suggestions.

Enjoy the beats and let the good times roll.

Take Care


Pure Energy GO Label manager / Global Ambassador