As a group exercise instructor, you’ll know that attracting new class participants can be challenging.

People in a darkened room doing Clubbercise with glow sticks

Luckily, there is handy advice available. Let Claire Burlison, founder of Clubbercise, offer up some easy tips for attracting newbies into your group exercise class experiences.

1) Make a walkthrough video

Often the biggest barrier for a newbie is not know what to expect when they arrive at your class for the first time. Smash down that barrier by making a walkthrough video. By that I mean literally showing someone walking through the door, picking up the right equipment and starting the class.

2) Buddy up!

Grab a couple of your front row crew and ask if they’d be happy to be a ‘buddy’ for any newbies. As well as making your regulars feel special it will also mean that you can relax knowing that any newbies are in safe hands.

3) Dim the lights

One of the first things people say they love about Clubbercise is the fact that it’s taught in a darkened room. Brightly lit studios are not the kind of place where beginners and people who lack self confidence or body confidence feel comfortable. Even if you don’t fancy the full-on night club vibe try turning down the lights a little and see what happens…

4) Promote the benefits

I see a lot of people advertising their classes without pointing out the benefits of coming, that’s fine for your current customers but doesn’t give much incentive to potential customers. There are soooooo many benefits of group exercise you can talk about, for example; physical health, mental health, calorie burn, building muscle, toning up, making friends, getting some ‘me time’ etc etc.

5) Offer a freebie

Nothing breaks down barriers quicker than a freebie! What have they got to lose? By running offers like bring a friend for FREE at key times of year you should recruit a decent amount of newbies and some of them will hopefully go on to become your future front row crew!

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