Without the three following organisations, we wouldn’t be here today. They are the foundations on which EMD UK was built on over 10 years ago. Check them out below and you’ll understand why they are amongst the most established fitness brands in the UK.


FLexercise have a tried and tested fitness formula and experience to improve your all round fitness. Everything they do is based on the FLexercise system, pioneered by Mary Bagot stack in the 1930’s, designed to energise and strengthen the whole body. The system’s winning mix achieves good posture and balance through exercise and maintains it through movement and dance. And the bonus? It’s all delivered to great music so you really can show off your best moves. Once you start, you won’t want to stop. That’s down to FLexercise’s energising, lively classes and their friendly, encouraging teachers and members.

Keep Fit Association

Whether you’re a dancer looking to try something new or you’re new to exercise, KFA offers something special. Using Laban’s analysis of movement as a base, classes are a colourful mixture of aerobics, dance, creativity and fun. You can expect a good workout, with some contemporary moves thrown in, but this is certainly not a class just for dancers. Just turn up, have a go and be prepared to smile.

Medau Movement

Fancy something a little different but not sure what to try? Medau Movement is waiting for you. Taking a very different approach to exercise, Medau is a stand alone form of exercise with teaching principles that can be applied to many forms of physical fitness regimes, delivering a challenging and enjoyable workout without being exhausting. Medau works in rhythm with the body and its teachers work in harmony with the participants. With no set routines, it offers unlimited class opportunities that are safe, deliver results and can be to taught to any age or ability.