Safeguarding Children

EMD UK wants everyone to have a positive, safe and enjoyable experience when taking part in any group exercise activities. We also strive to ensure that all staff, teachers, instructors and volunteers are clear on what is expected of them and that best practice is central to all activities.

NEED TO REPORT A CONCERN? A list of contacts are provided HERE or you can contact an EMD UK Safeguarding Officer on 01403 266000 or You can also contact your local authority or the police if you have urgent concerns.

Safeguarding Children

Our priority is to ensure that the delivery of all group exercise activities is done in a safe and protective manner that promotes the welfare of all children and young people and protects them from harm.

Safeguarding in group exercise must have three key elements:

  1. The creation of a culture/environment in which children are valued and their right to be safe is upheld
  2. The management of risk to minimise circumstances where children involved in activities may suffer harm
  3. Working together with other organisations that have a responsibility to safeguard and protect children.

Instructors should also be aware of the updated position of trust legislation here.



Everyone has a responsibility to safeguard children and young people taking part in group exercise.
Depending on your role, information and training is either essential or recommended. View our handy training matrix here to find out what’s available to you.

Performance Events

If your format of exercise includes performance events there is a responsibility to prioritise the well-being of children and young people and, ensure the environment is as safe as possible as well as adhering to relevant legislation and licencing requirements. Relevant links to these include:

Young People’s Portal

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Info for Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians play a key role in ensuring their children are safe when attending a group exercise or dance class. Whilst EMD UK have a great commitment to ensuring the quality and safety of all group exercise activities, we acknowledge that problems can arise that require action.

We want to ensure that you, as a parent, have confidence in the safety of the environment the teacher creates for your child or young person.