Kangoo Jumps®

A class for anyone and everyone, Kangoo Jumps® allows total freedom of movement. With specialises designed shoes that soften joint impact by up to 80%, Kangoo Jumps® provides a fun and effective workout for people of all ages and abilities (the shoes look pretty cool too!). Prepare for a great workout with a difference!


SH1FT combines the best bits of HIIT with the principles of functional fitness. It’s the next generation of bodyweight training. SH1FT moves the body through 6 degrees of freedom, allowing people of every fitness level to train smarter and stay fit for life.


Aerobics classes work through a series of exercise routines to music to increase stamina and co-ordination.


BODYCOMBAT™ is a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness and burn up to 740 calories in a class. No experience needed. Learn moves from karate, Taekwondo, boxing, Muay Thai, capoeira and kung fu.


BODYATTACK™ is a sports-inspired cardio workout for building both strength and stamina. It combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises to create a killer workout that gets results.


BODYSTEP is a step aerobics class where you complete simple movements on, over and around a height-adjustable step. Routines vary from high intensity cardio moves to resitance and muscle-conditioning exercises.

Chair Based Exercise

Chair based exercise classes are well suited to older adults and people with mobility limitations. They aim to increase stamina, flexibility and coordination, containing many elements of a traditional fitness class, just in a seated position. There are many chair based classes to choose from, including Seated SOSA, KFA Moves Chair Based and F.A.B.S by Move It Or Lose It.


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. In a HIIT class you will be expected to perform cardio exercises to your maximum effort for a short duration of time (usually 10-45 seconds) followed by a short rest period. This is repeated with the same or different exercises.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a cardiovascular training class on a stationary exercise bike. You have complete control of the resistance on your bike and your instructor will guide you through hill climbs, sprints and power intervals, all aimed at increasing lower body strength and improving stamina. Familar types of indoor cycling include RPM, SPRINT and Spinning.


GRIT is a HIIT cardio workout designed to improve strength and build lean muscle. This workout uses barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups.