Voguing is a type of dance where you imiate the charateristics of a model on a catwalk. Just think of Madonna’s vogue video and it’s exactly that!

African Dance

African dance does not have a set specific definition due to the multiple cultures and traditions that it crosses. African dance will differ from region to region. Dance teaches social and behaviour patterns and can also be used as a storytelling device. Many dances are widely participatory where even the audience becomes involved.


In its traditional form, ballet is a classical performance dance with a heavy emphasis on storytelling and artistic expression. Using very precise and light movements, each step is performed with balance and grace. Many fitness brands now use ballet exercises and methods as part of their workouts due to the effectiveness of the form.

Ballroom and Latin

Ballroom and Latin dance is a fast growing activity and many are inspired by the popular BBC television show Strictly Come Dancing. Improving your core fitness, coordination and rhythm, Ballroom and Latin Dance is fantastic for participants of all ages.

Belly Dance

As the name suggests, belly dancing is a dance form with emphasis on the midriff. Complex movements of the torso are performed in time to the music and, depending on the country and region, will differ in both style and costume. Originally a folk dance from the Middle East, belly dancing has boomed in recent years and can now be taken as a class in many countries.


Bollywood dancing is a mixture of moves taken from many different dance disciplines, including Bhangra, Bharatnatyam and Katak. Bollywood dancing is a whole body experience, where facial expressions, hand gestures, head movements and foot placement are all integral to the dance. Bollywood dance is widely found across the West now as a favoured dance fitness workout.

Break Dance

Also known as b-boying or breaking, break dance is a form of street dance. Taking its inspiration from hip-hop and funk music, break dance uses four key movements to build the dance; toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.


Capoeira is a martial arts that originated in Brazil. It combines elements of dance, fighting, acrobatics and musical interpretation. Capoeira is known for it’s complex routines and lightning fast moves; the kicks, speed and power of the dance creates a visual spectacle. In 2014, capoeira was given a special protected status by UNESCO as ‘intangible cultural heritage’.