Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish country dancing is a traditional and social form of dance, originated from Scotland. Dances are performed in couple or small groups, danced in organised formations known as ‘sets’.

Tap Dance

Tap dance is best known for the noise of the shoes; the ‘tapping’ on the wooden floor. A variation known as ‘soft tap’ exists, whereby dancers do not wear shoes but strike the floor with their feet to create the rhythm.

Street Dance

Street dance is an umbrella term that describes many Hip Hop and Funk styles to come from the USA from the 1970s. It’s impulsive, interactive and highly energetic. Street dance styles include breakdance, popping, locking, hip-hop party dances and house dance.


A discipline that takes inspiration from Cuban dance, cha-cha and mambo, salsa dance is a Latin American dance genre. Salsa is a very social form of dance, where the dance is usually performed in couples or pairs joined at the hands. Usually, one dancer ‘leads’ and the other ‘follows’. Salsa is known for the hip action, where many movements originate from, and the energetic music gives way to varied and exciting routines.


A natural development in the history of jazz music, jazz dance first evolved in the early 1900s and took some moves from traditional African dances. The dance form slowly became a defined genre, moving from a ‘street’ style dance to performance. Jazz dance was made popular by choreographer Bob Fosse, arguably best known for his work on the Broadway show Chicago.

Irish dancing

A form that can be divided into social dances and performance dances, Irish dancing was made popular in the 1990s by Michael Flatley’s Riverdance. Despite the rapid foot movements and complex dance routines, the upper body and arms are kept static for a majority of the dance.


Fancy something a little different? Why not try a vintage dance fitness workout like Charleston? This quirky dance style will have you kicking and flicking yourself fit and will certainly have you breaking into a sweat. The playful Charleston dance became popular in the 1920’s and is a great way to tone your thighs, waist and arms.

Belly Dance

As the name suggests, belly dancing is a dance form with emphasis on the midriff. Complex movements of the torso are performed in time to the music and, depending on the country and region, will differ in both style and costume. Originally a folk dance from the Middle East, belly dancing has boomed in recent years and can now be taken as a class in many countries.


Bollywood dancing is a mixture of moves taken from many different dance disciplines, including Bhangra, Bharatnatyam and Katak. Bollywood dancing is a whole body experience, where facial expressions, hand gestures, head movements and foot placement are all integral to the dance. Bollywood dance is widely found across the West now as a favoured dance fitness workout.

Break Dance

Also known as b-boying or breaking, break dance is a form of street dance. Taking its inspiration from hip-hop and funk music, break dance uses four key movements to build the dance; toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.