Looking to lead exciting indoor group cycling classes? You’re in the right place. The INDURO group cycling training gives you all you need. This certification will expand your knowledge of fitness instructing to be able to offer amazing group cycle experiences. Download the training app to start your INDURO journey today.

Price £165 + VAT

Online learning*

Instructor support included**

Call us on 01403 266000, Email training@emduk.org or WhatsApp on 07715081640 to start your career as a group exercise instructor.

Why teach INDURO?

Indoor group cycling classes offer a unique group exercise experience.  At the front, you are the leader of the pack, guiding your class through the gears and across the terrain to create an inspiring cardio workout. With INDURO group cycling, you’ ll learn the skills and knowledge needed to deliver unforgettable group cycling experiences, including:

  • How to choose your music
  • How to ride with the music
  • Importance of RPM (revolutions per minute) i.e. cadence/speed ranges for optimal hill climbs, sprints and more signature INDURO moves such as rock and rolls and diamonds
  • Understand the fundamentals of programming a group cycle class to create a journey mimicking an outdoor mixed terrain ride
  • Understand the anatomy of a pedal stroke and correct bike set up for effect recruitment of lower body muscles

Training structure

  • *Training is delivered online via the INDURO training app or via an optional live training day
  • Average length of training is 12 hours
  • Assessment done via video submission

Get a feel for the training by watching this INDURO video.

Getting your career moving faster

**Our support doesn’t end when you qualify. On completion of this qualification, you’ll get a year’s ESSENTIAL support package, including resources, support and discounts. Find out more here.

Start your INDURO training journey today

  • Pay for the in app training using the links below
  • Download the app on your Apple or Android device
  • Login using the details emailed to you (please note, this can take up to two working days)
  • Complete the in-app training
  • Add on an optional live training day with a specialist tutor
  • Pass the online assessment
  • Submit a video of you teaching a group cycle class
  • Pass the video assessment
  • Receive your certificate and start delivering awesome classes