If you’re looking to add something a little different to your teaching repertoire, you’ve come to the right place. Using hand-held apparatus and Medau Elements teachings, you’ll be offering your class participants an exciting and challenging way to move whilst releasing your natural creativity.

Balls £185

Hoops £185

Clubs £185

Fancy all three? Book a place on all three training days for just £480.

What is Medau Elements?

Medau Elements uses some key movements and rhythms from Medau to create intriguing choreography and challenging classes. This course has been designed to feed into your existing or future classes. There is no set choreography or routines for Medau Elements, leaving you to explore your own creativity and that of your class participants. The use of bespoke apparatus is something not widely used and using the Medau Elements methods of movement ensures you are able to offer something different to your classes.

Course structure

Medau Elements is three standalone one-day courses during which instructors will learn the techniques of their chosen apparatus; balls, hoops or clubs. Instructors will be taught:

  • How to handle and interact with the apparatus
  • How to teach effective apparatus-based exercises to their class participants
  • How to use Medau Elements in their classes

There will also be pair and group work/discussions. Instructors will be assessed on the days through practical teaching sessions.

Please note: You must have a Level 2 Exercise to Music or dance teaching equivalent to be eligible for Medau Elements training. If you are unsure if your qualification is eligible, please contact our training team on 01403 266000 or email on training@emduk.org.