Ross Perriam

Never far away from a Starbucks, Ross spends his working days as CEO drinking white chocolate mochas, planning board meetings and chatting business with key stakeholders. As a previous county level athletics champion, Ross loves a competition, but unfortunately is yet to lift the EMD UK Bake Off cup; perhaps 4th time lucky Ross? On non-working days, Ross is partial to a German discotheque and enjoys a glass of wine at his holiday home in France.

Emma Forward

Chief Operating Officer by day, spin instructor by night. Emma oversees all of our developmental activities and makes sure our programmes run successfully, hit targets and are generally awesome. If she's not out on a long dog walk, she's fundraising for various charities that are close to her heart. Emma is truly passionate about women's sport and fitness, sitting on Active Surrey's Board of Directors and often speaking or guest blogging for various stakeholders.

Louise Jones

Lou is a keen trail runner who enjoys nothing more than running through woodland trails with her faithful friend and office dog Amber. As Head of Sales and Marketing Lou loves to strategize and drive change and is also responsible for our organisational memberships. Outside of work Lou is a keen MotoGP fan and is hoping to pass her motorbike test in the summer and buy her dream Ducati.

Jade Moulden

From spin instructing to swim coaching, project management to research and insight, Jade brings a wide range of skills and knowledge from across the sports and fitness industry. As Head of Business Development, Jade is always out and about identifying new and exciting business and partnership opportunities. Jade enjoys early morning swims, track sessions at her running club, sampling European cuisine and sipping cocktails with friends.

Kirstin Espley

Spreadsheet master and Finance Controller Kirstin can get you out of the trickiest of excel formula errors. With an EMD UK t-shirt on and a sweatband to match, you'll see Kirstin running the streets of Horsham - most likely training for a 5 or 10k charity event. Kirstin works with Yvonne in our finance department, she helps with budgets, expenses and recommending staycation breaks.

Emily Bunton

Emily only needs 3 things in life; a gym, a phone and an espresso martini. As our Communications Manager, Emily spreads the word about fitness through writing, networking and a whole lot of chatting. She loves nothing more than a good beat to jam to, being a qualified dance fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Michaela Scowen

With a glass of wine in one hand and a netball in the other, Michaela is our Academy Manager. When she's not heading up Quality Assurance and the ongoing development of our qualifications, you can find her on the netball court or in a good restaurant.

Yvonne Eastoe

Dancefloor legend and amateur DJ Yvonne is our Finance and Office Manager. She keeps everything in order in the office and most importantly makes sure we all get paid. Outside the office, she juggles family life, holidays and baking peanut butter, egg-free cakes - they are the bomb!!

Chloë Devitt-Spooner

If you got a sunflower, added some sass and a whole lot of talent, you'd get Chloë. She's a Business Development Manager (Projects), bringing fitness to the masses through great partnership working and project management. Chloë can pull off the Dirty Dancing lift and organise a Flashmob at the same time. She's also a qualified contemporary dance teacher and choreographer.

Lindsay Wingate

If you could have an office outside, Lindsay would work there. She's a Business Development Manager (Projects), helping to spread the fitness word across communities and building projects across London. When not at work, Lindsay is found either in fields, forests or meadows, usually chasing butterflies or riding a bicycle.

Lucy Carpenter

Lucy has a wardrobe fit for any popstar. As one of our Business Development Executives, you'll find her grapevining to meetings and networking at fitness events. Lucy can't resist a good boogie and gets her community moving by teaching Boogie Buggy, dance and Ballet fit classes. Lucy is great at organising parties, whether that's for six year old cheerleaders or a VIP night out on the town with the girls.

James Smith

James once ran 5k every day for 1 month - true story. Monday - Friday, you'll find James working as one of our Business Development Executives, attending to the needs of our valued partners. On the weekends, James is either out on the town with friends, coaching football or at the top of the French Alps.

Sarah Leeves

Certified sport lover and film buff, Sarah keeps her eye on all the latest fitness gossip. As our Marketing Executive, she loves designing, writing, coding and general colouring-in. Sarah is a qualified trampoline instructor, cheerleading coach and once met the Chuckle Brothers.

Paula Cavallo

In need of a good old natter? Paula is your lady! As our Instructor Support Officer, she's there for any teaching/Game of Thrones related chat. Paula is chilled to the max from all her yoga, BODYBALANCE™ and tea drinking; she'll support you every step of the way.

Sarah Hale

To describe Sarah as creative would be an understatement; when she's not knitting, baking, practicing floristry or making Christmas cards, she's our academy support officer. Sarah also loves contemporary dance and regularly attends dance fitness classes. You can go to Sarah if you're in need of some career advice or tips on how to get the perfect rise on your Victoria Sponge.

Danielle Harris

Certified Gryffindor enthusiast and Game of Thrones fan Danni is our academy support officer. She helps our training team ensure our courses run smoothly, our instructors are happy and our students get qualified. When she’s not on the phone or the laptop, you can find Danni teaching contemporary dance to kids and spinning her way around a pole. Sometimes her tricks even take her upside down, perhaps she’ll find Will Byers?

Lianne Barlow

Best Phone Voice Of The Year Nominee 2013, 2014 and 2015, Lianne is our Founder Support Officer. She looks after the volunteers, members and teachers of our Founder Partners. Lianne loves to keep her adrenaline levels topped up by taking on Tough Mudders, riding rollercoasters and watching ice hockey. She also loves all living things, so whether you're a fly, dog, platypus or human, Lianne will help you out. Just give her a call!


Amber is our mild mannered office dog and faithful friend to Lou . Adorable beyond belief she loves to eat, sleep and be cuddled, but her favourite  thing in the world is her lunchtime walk. Amber always brings a smile to your face and will never refuse a tummy rub…or treats!