Ross Perriam – EMD UK Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Likes: Winning at Uno

Dislikes: Losing at Uno

Emma Forward – EMD UK Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Likes: Autumn

Favourite food: Pasta

Gillian Reeves – Head of Instructor Development

Likes: Yoga

Dislikes: Outdoor cinema

Jade Cation – Head of Business Development

Likes: Funky dance moves

Favourite food: Pizza

Brett Pearson – Head of Sales and Marketing

Likes: Living near the sea

Dislikes: Mayonnaise

Kirstin Espley – EMD UK Finance Controller

Likes: Cake

Favourite food: Cake

Kat Mummery – Business Development Manager (Insight)

Likes: All you can eat buffets

Dislikes: Being hungry

Lindsay Wingate – Business Development Manager (Projects)

Likes: Nature

Favourite food: Home cooking

Michaela Scowen – EMD UK Academy Manager

Likes: Netball

Dislikes: Having a birthday in January

Carolyn Allen – EMD UK Academy Manager

Likes: Knitting

Favourite food: All desserts

Yvonne Eastoe – EMD UK Finance Manager

Likes: Holidays

Dislikes: Parties with no dancing

Sarah Leeves – EMD UK Marketing Manager

Likes: Cinema

Favourite food: Mexican

Paula Cavallo – Instructor Support and Office Manager

Likes: Pilates

Dislikes: Christmas songs in November

James Smith – Business Development Executive

 Likes: Playing / coaching / watching football

Favourite food: Chocolate

Claire Goodliff – Business Development Executive

 Likes: Sun, sea and sand

Favourite food: Gin

Sarah Hale – Academy Support Officer

 Likes: Crafting

Dislikes: Touching bread dough

Julie Shaw – Career Support Executive

 Likes: Spending time with her dog, Teddy

Favourite food: Peanut butter

Jo Ramachandran – Marketing Executive

 Likes: Chocolate for breakfast

Favourite food: Anything her mum makes

Lianne Barlow – Founder Partner Support Executive

 Likes: Anything Disney

Favourite food: Sweet potato fries