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Meet the organisations we’re helping to accelerate their business. Each one has a different goal in mind and we’re on hand to help them reach it. Find out about how EMD UK can support your fitness brand here.

24 Fit Derby

24 Fit CIC (trading as 24 Fit Derby) are a community interest group that provide accessible, sociable and fun local exercise options through the provision of community-based group exercise classes in Derby.
Our vision is that everyone in Derby feels able to take part in physical activity, regardless of age, background or ability.

Always Moving Forward

Always Moving Forward is a complete instructor solution offering an extensive exercise library, aerobic & step variations as well as easily adaptable class plans (resistance and cardio).
We aim to give instructors the tools to create and promote their own class concepts tailored to the needs and requirements of their clientele.

At Your Beat

At Your Beat is about diversifying fitness, celebrating your individuality and personal growth. You’ll learn to dance and get fit with the most dynamic instructors. Fuelled by the AYB spirit you’ll quickly find your inner dancer. Once you find your BEAT in dance and fitness, it will be the soundtrack to your life.

Boogie Bounce

Boogie Bounce is the ultimate low impact, high intensity workout that delivers a seriously effective workout designed to strip fat and build lean muscle. Using the mini trampoline with Patented T-Bar Handle, it's a fun, fully inclusive concept suitable for all ages, shapes, and sizes - including children and those who require low impact to joints while exercising.


Boxercise are the Worlds' leading brand in boxing for fitness. They have been training and supporting trainers since 1992. Their worldwide network of certified trainers delivers training to over 5 million people helping them get fit and enjoy the benefits of Boxercise Training. Boxercise has development routes to help suit different needs of instructors and venues, including Boxercise for Kids and KickBoxercise.

Buggy Bounce

Buggy Bounce is a low-impact but highly effective dance fitness class, aimed at mums who've had their six-week sign off from their GP. The emphasis here is on fun through exercise; no burpees, no star jumps, no moves you can't do. Just a fun-filled class for mums who like to socialise, have a laugh and get fit.

BurleX Fitness

BurleX Fitness is the original dance fitness program that combines burlesque with props and squats. It's specially designed to focus on core strength, cardio fitness and improve flexibility while leaving you body confident, toned and empowered. Shimmy and wiggle your way through routines while having fun with this glam workout. Find a class or become an instructor today.


Burlexercise are a sassy dance fitness brand which incorporates show girls dance moves with fitness elements. They offer an endorsed, by EMD UK, Level 1 Instructor training course. They also offer a combo package, with EMD UK, for instructors to train in Burlexercise and a recognised Level 2 qualification.


Clubbercise are a unique dance fitness brand who's philosophy is to make a workout feel more like a night out. Clubbercise® classes are suitable for all abilities, there are high and low impact options throughout and all moves are performed with glow sticks; the lights are also switched off. They offer instructors the opporunity to train in teaching Clubbercise® for adults (16+) as well as Clubbercise® U18.

Community Fitness Network

Community Fitness Network was founded with a monumental goal of transforming and increasing participation in community fitness classes across the UK. Our projects will provide support, training and a community to enable fitness instructors to be their best, as a result this will raise standards and increase participation in community fitness classes.

Dancing for Health CIC

Dancing for Health is a unique Community Interest Company that creates partner dance therapy programmes for vulnerable, lonely, elderly adults or those with long term health conditions. Delivered within healthcare and community group settings, we create a full package of health, wellbeing and fitness through bespoke "Dancing for Health' physical and social activity programmes.


DDMIX is a diverse dance fitness class incorporating all different genres and styles of dance from around the world in a fitness element. Created by Darcey Bussell and Nathan Clarke, the dance fitness brand also offer Level 1 instructor training which is endorsed by Skills Active and Royal Academy of Dance.

Diddi Dance®

Diddi Dance® provide funky preschool dance classes for girls and boys. The only preschool dance program to explore over 16 different dance styles from Bollywood and hip hop to salsa and reggae. Diddi Dance® engage toddlers through full of fun 45 minute sessions incorporating dance exercises, games and exciting props.

Drum N Bounce and Dub Stretch

DnB exists to encourage a healthy high by dancing around to the motivating sounds of drum & bass. DnB seeks to make people simultaneously sweat and smile and become part of a community. We want everyone to feel an increase in their well being by socialising and exercising and continuing this in maintaining an active lifestyle. Good things come to those who bounce!


Energyflow is a dynamic, low impact workout that encompasses elements of yoga, tai chi, Pilates and flowing movement.

The combination of these styles provides a full-body workout that improves posture, muscle strength and flexibility. Best of all, it’s set to high energy music so it’ll leave you feeling energized!

ER Dance & Fitness

ER Dance and Fitness is a community dance and fitness group for people in and around Braunstone in Leicester. We run dance classes for young people of all ages, from as young as 3 years old right through to adulthood.

EXTEND Exercise

EXTEND Exercise deliver accredited training programmes that include seated and standing exercises for older people and disabled adults. EXTEND is a registered charity and has worked in this sector, since being established in 1976, training fitness professionals to deliver EXTEND classes in their local communities. Our courses use adaptation techniques to tailor exercises to the needs of differing medical conditions.


Fit4Tap is a Fun & Funky Tap Dance Fitness Fusion! Have Fun learning the art of tap and keep fit whilst working out to the Funky beat.  Fit4Tap is a great alternative Tap Dance Fitness program aimed at beginner or refresher tappers who want to learn to tap a beat with the added flavour of a cardio dance fitness work out.  Bringing the world of dance and fitness together "Don't just work it Dig it!"


We have a tried and tested fitness formula to improve your all round fitness. Based on the FLexercise system, pioneered by Mary Bagot Stack in the 1930's, it's designed to energise and strengthen the whole body. The system helps improve posture and balance through exercise, movement and dance. It's all delivered to great music so you really can show off your best moves.


HFE is an award-winning training provider to the health, fitness and leisure sector. Delivering a wide-range of qualifications, including personal trainer, exercise to music, Pilates teacher, Yoga teacher, GP referral and much more, they are well positioned to help you launch your career in the fitness sector.


HulaFit is all about putting the fun back into your fitness! Combining tried and tested fitness techniques with hip shakin' Hula Hoops, HulaFit will burn those calories, tone those abs and give you a full body workout you can't get enough of! Suitable for all shapes and sizes, our classes will keep you young at heart and super fit. HulaFit offers the opportunity to join a fast growing community of certified instructors.


InclusFit is run by Sam James, an experienced fitness instructor, Personal Trainer and a UK Disability and Fitness Expert. Sam is passionate about ensuring fitness instructors and businesses are fully inclusive and work for their disabled clientele. Contact Sam if you'd like a seated demos or classes for an event you are running.

Just Movement

Using evidence based activities and practices, our sole aim is to get older adults moving in order to help them improve their overall fitness, health and wellbeing. Activities are chair based, team taught and incorporate functional movements to help with daily activities. Most important of all, activities are FUN and varied to meet the different needs of those taking part.

KFA (Keep Fit Association)

Whether you’re a dancer looking to try something new or you’re an exercise beginner, KFA offers something special. Using Laban’s analysis of movement as a base, classes are a colourful mixture of aerobics, dance, creativity and fun.  You can expect a good workout, with some contemporary moves thrown in, but this is certainly not a class just for dancers. Just turn up, have a go and be prepared to smile.

KpopX Fitness

The first established fitness workout in K-POP Style! Easy, popular intense & creative - this EPIC workout allows you to sweat it out to 12 -13 Korean Pop songs in 50 minutes and is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Come experience the mind-blowing K-Pop creativity that you will not find elsewhere! Approved continuing education provider with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Medau Movement

Medau is a stand alone form of exercise with teaching principles that can be applied to many forms of physical fitness regimes. Medau works in rhythm with the body and its teachers work in harmony with the participants. With no set routines, it offers unlimited class opportunities that are safe, deliver results and can be to taught to any age or ability.


MegaMixFit™ is all about combining our love of dance with keeping fit and above all having fun! All our classes are carefully choreographed to give a complete full body workout suitable for all fitness levels. Each class is themed on either an artist, genre of music or decade, with a focus on fun you won’t even realise that you’ve burnt up to 500 calories! Combining a mixture of dance, cardio, toning and plyometric moves that will keep you coming back for more.


Become a MenoLeader with the MenoHealth Training Programme. Each MenoClass includes a 15 minute discussion about menopause symptoms. The rest of the session is focussed on exercise routines that avoid complex choreography, a workout for heart health, bone strength, core strength, muscle tone, balance, stretches and a mindful cool down.

Methodology X™

Methodology X™ is a revolutionary fitness regime for women created by Hollywood A-list Trainer, Dan Roberts. The award-winning classes sculpt the female physique, increase strength, inspire mindful movement and improve functional-athleticism through an array of sports-conditioning, Pilates, dance and combat moves.


Move it or Lose it

Move It or Lose is dedicated to improving the lives of older people through fun and interactive exercise and movement classes. Their specifically designed exercise programme, ‘FABS'  includes flexibility, aerobic, balance and strength. Move it or Lose It's FABS course is endorsed by EMD UK and offer a Level 1 instructor training course.

Movement Improvement

Movement Improvement® classes aim to increase movement, easing aches and pains, improving body awareness. Our concepts incorporate better breathing, mindfulness, mobility, fascial fitness, functional movements and bodywork. Try one of our unique concepts: Flow Movement Meditation - Mobility and fascial movement with mindfulness, and Mmmove - a mobilities and fascial fitness class.

On Broadway® Dance Fitness

Every woman deserves to feel confident, have 'me time' & enjoy fitness! Participants perform choreography to Broadway shows soundtracks. Our classes offer safe, non-judgemental classes for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. The programme offers postcode exclusivity, business coaching, proven marketing templates and all choreography so you can turn your passion for dance into a business you love.

Panache Dance Fitness

Panache Dance Fitness is a spectacular class featuring iconic soundtracks from stage and screen, suitable for everyone. The session classes have easy to follow choreography and have a fitness element too. The class can be either 45 minutes in length or spread out over one hour. Currently being delivered online using the Zoom platform.

Para Dance UK

Para Dance UK are the national governing body for wheelchair dance and wheelchair dance sport within the UK. They oversee a range of grassroots and professional projects, events, classes and instructor training opportunities, with the view that, no matter what, #EverybodyCanDance.

Parent & Baby Aqua Fit (PABA)

The world's first aqua aerobic workout for parents with their babies. This 30 minute aqua-based workout program is designed to improve parents' fitness, and to introduce babies to the water. The program is comprised of a series of moderately paced, low impact and fat-burning aqua aerobic exercises for the parents that integrate with elements of the Aqua babies swimming program.


If you love Pop music, then you’ll love Popdance® - Est 2009. Teach fun, dance routines to tracks from the 80s, 90s, 00s and current pop. From Popdance Tots, Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors and Popdance Fit (cardio based) there's something for everyone. We can support you with community classes, after school clubs, in nurseries, parties, wedding dances and corporate teambuilding events.


Pose Barre

Pose Barre is a new programme available to dance and fitness instructors that focusses on delivering ballet based workouts with strong technical form. Our Barre is simple and classic with flourishes that give your clients a chance to improve their posture, build lean muscle and relax into some deep stretching to finish.

Power Bands Workout

Power Bands provides the ultimate toning dance and resistance workout. Using a range of coloured resistance bands, participants have the choice to work at their own level.  Participants are encouraged to partake in the call and response activity giving the session a fun atmosphere whilst eliminating the hard work. An exciting concept to a range of music genres.

Powerhoop UK

Powerhoop® is a weighted hoop workout which challenges the core , creating a firmer, more stable torso. Powerhoop® uses specially made hoops to ensure participants get the best out of their class; easy to use, comfortable against the body and the wavy design helps strengthen the core fast. Instructor training is also available, offering fitness professionals a fresh new discipline to add to their schedule.


Participants execute Punjabi dance inspired movements between high and low intensity levels to popular and current Punjabi music. Inspired by the authentic pronunciation of bhangra. We aim to be the world’s highest standard to exercise to Punjabi music, meaning our class focus is on safe and effective exercises and providing a great customer experience.


Purestretch classes are stimulating, light hearted and choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy. The 45 minute classes are designed to move, stretch and strengthen the entire body whilst challenging the core to a really good workout! Purestretch is also a training provider with online stretch courses that are fun, informative and flexible . . . become a Purestretch Instructor now!


ReelRobics is the original Irish Dance workout, created by former Riverdancer, Christina Woods. It combines the footwork of traditional Irish dancing with lots of arm movements to get your whole body moving. Suitable for beginners and experienced dancers, it's a fun, cardiovascular workout while also improving your balance and strength. Dance along to the catchy reels and jigs and release those feel good endorphins!

Rock Box Fitness

Rock Box is the fitness class with a difference! A  stress busting, therapy session for the body and mind, we punch, kick, smash sticks to classic and modern rock tunes (air guitars included!). Become a lean mean rock box machine! Suitable for all fitness levels, we offer high and low level variations so you can either build up your fitness or really go for it at the higher levels.


RockFit is the all new bad-ass workout set to a Rock and Metal soundtrack! The combination of Rock music, dance fitness and some serious body sculpting makes this one epic workout! Created by choroegrapher, dancer and Rock and fitness fanatic Hannah Hawkey for those who like it louder than your average fitness class. Turn up the volume! raise your fists! this is RockFit!


Rumpum®️ is a whole body workout suitable for all levels of fitness. Basic dance and combat moves with optional floorwork at the end. Uplifting original artist music of varied genres offers something for everyone! Lights down, low music turned up, it feeds your soul.


Sayaw’s Afrobeats Dance Fitness is a programme that focuses on empowering women and young girls through dance and fitness, developing good technique through posture and co-ordination whilst developing cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance. Using traditional and contemporary Afro-Caribbean dance and music, routines are choreographed with a base move that has three different levels making it suitable for all abilities.

Sling Strong

Combining fitness, toning, strength, stretching and movement, this class will help to strengthen all the muscles weakened by pregnancy and childbirth. The classes are carefully structured to have your baby in a sling throughout the duration, so not only do you have extra weight for our workout but you can steal a quick kiss whenever you like. All classes are taught by a fully qualified Pre/Postnatal fitness instructor and Babywearing peer support worker.

SOSA Dance Fitness

Put the FABULOUS into your fitness! Learn the most amazing dance styles from all around the world without the need for a partner. This low impact high energy class is suitable for all ages and abilities. Seated SOSA classes provide special considerations and adaptations for older adults, disabled participants, those with long-term health conditions and GP referral clients. Endorsed by CIMSPA #DanceYourselfHappy


SOULSA®️ is the most ‘feel good’ dance fitness workout around. A low impact, high energy class set in a darkened room to soulful vibes, latin beats, 80’s classics, chart hits, Caribbean treats and more. Our signature LED flashing mini tambourines add the soul and fun to the SOULSA®️ experience! Our four step routines make it easy to follow…but it’s not about the moves in SOULSA®️, it’s about the feels!

Streetz Ahead

Streetz Ahead inspires young people to express themselves to build their confidence through the power of dance and performance in a creative, inclusive and supportive environment. As a leading North London dance and performing arts charity with 20 years of experience, we offer weekly training in street dance, drama, music and spoken word to over 450 young people every week.

Synergy Dance

Synergy Dance® delivers a new style of dance fitness routine and approach within schools, home education, leisure centres, charities and the community. The program includes a mix of choreography, methodology, music, drama and dance steps. Synergy also offer instructors the chance to franchise in brand.

The Jungle Body®

The Jungle Body® – a global exercise & movement-to-music company offering a range of soul-igniting and beat-driven programming for everyone. What makes The Jungle Body different is we are more than just about your physical health – we are about supporting your mental health. Our programs are about celebrating & empowering all body shapes, ages, sizes & fitness levels. Our classes are inclusive, vibrant, welcoming & 100% stress free.

The Pole Studio

The Pole Studio founded in 2008, is one of the biggest Pole Fitness schools in the UK. With 17 studios as well as classes in various Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centres across the South East, we run over 80 group classes a week as well as private lessons. We are the only training provider in the UK to focus solely on pole fitness instructor training.

Thrive Wellbeing Hub

Our mission is to empower others to create their happy, healthy journey forever. As such we offer a one-stop shop for individuals, communities and businesses to access total wellbeing programmes, both online and face-to-face. These programmes follow the four pillars of Mindset, Nutrition, Activity and Support. We provide sustainable alternatives to faddy diets, quick fixes and slimming clubs that really work.

We are passionate about focusing on mindset which is the core foundation of success in order to ensure we truly THRIVE.

Total Boxer® Academy

Total Boxer® is a multi-award winning boxing club in London, creators of Get FIT Not HIT® in the UK, HIIB®, BoxingYoga™ and Modified Strongman™. The Total Boxer® Academy is where personal trainers, gym instructors and boxing coaches learn to deliver world class training.

TRibe Fitness

At TRibe Fitness we provide not only Group Personal Training Sessions and a Nutritional programme for our members but we also run Yoga Sessions to ensure your flexibility as well as fitness and strength.

Whatever your fitness level we have a programme to get you in shape.


TwerkFit® is an exciting dance fitness class which will see you learning new dance skills that you can use on the dance floor while toning and building stamina. Focusing on legs, bums, and tums, this workout will help tone those vital areas in a fun, uplifting environment. TwerkFit® classes combine cardiovascular exercise, which raises general fitness levels with working the lower body, legs, and core to improve muscle tone.

United Kingdom Dance and Drama Federation (UKDDF)

UKDDF are a dance and drama organisation, running a full range of syllabuses; ballet, tap, modern stage, acrobatics, drama, musical theatre and cheerleading. UKDFF firmly believe that dance is for everyone, with syllabuses working for people who attend just once a week to those looking to go into dance professionally. A teacher training programme is also available.

viBeatz Kidz & Teenz

This is the first ever Kidz & Teenz class with Dance, Fitness & Yoga! Designed for growing kids (7- 16 years), it works with growth spurts, hormone changes and mood swings whilst keeping students engaged and fit. Mindfulness and self-esteem with inclusivity is the priority (but so is fun!). viBeatz kidz & Teenz creator, Lisa Brockwell choreographed for Sport England and Disney campaigns to get families moving. Find them on youtube.viBeatz TV.

XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness

One of the largest pole and aerial fitness teacher training programmes, XPERT are recognised worldwide and have expanded in recent years with more comprehensive pole levels, silks, aerial hoop and flexibility. With their award winning programme, XPERT was a finalist in the Active Training Awards Small Training Provider 2014 and winner of the International Fitness Showcase Best Brand Presence 2015.


Let’s Get Started…

Group exercise is an exciting and diverse mix of styles and activities that caters to ‘someone like me’ and everyone should have the opportunity to take part. EMD UK is committed to driving positive change within the industry and we believe that through cooperation and collaboration with industry bodies, understanding and removing the barriers that prevent people from taking part and by supporting instructors to deliver excellence, we can achieve a healthier nation through exercise. See how you can get involved below…