EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise, are working with the Society for the Pilates Method (SPM) to enhance the careers and recognition of Pilates teachers.

The partnership was announced live at Elevate 2024 in front of a wide range of fitness industry representatives.

What will the work cover?

If you’re a Pilates teacher, there are some fantastic benefits of this partnership. The work will:

  • Provide greater transparency on a teacher’s qualifications and what they’re trained to teach.
  • Outline a clear pathway for Pilates teachers to develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Allow the public and employers to understand a teacher’s Scope of Practice, showcasing their skills and talent.
  • Support health clubs in employing qualified and talented Pilates professionals.

What is a Scope of Practice?

A Scope of Practice is a roadmap for your career. It highlights your strengths and identify any gaps in your knowledge. It also guides you towards professional recognition with EMD UK PRO membership.

This recognition is like a badge of honour. EMD UK PRO membership shows employers and participants you are trained, skilled, and ready to go!

Every group exercise discipline will have a Scope of Practice, including Pilates.

What will the Pilates Scope of Practice cover?

EMD UK are working with the SPM to release 12 Scopes of Practice. These will reflect the different ways in which the teaching of the Pilates Method and the instruction of Pilates-based exercise is delivered today. The scopes will include matwork and studio apparatus.

Matwork Pilates and Reformer Pilates Scopes of Practice are now available on the EMD UK website here.

Changes to the SPM Register

In response to the recognised wider role that the SPM will play across Pilates in the UK, the SPM board (Hana Jones, Leigh Robinson, Michael King) will be implementing changes to the SPM Register of Teachers and Professional Membership for training providers.

Leigh Robinson, said:

“One of the key aims of the SPM is to protect the integrity of the Pilates Method through the quality of education and teaching. This has not changed, and we will continue to emphasise the need for in-depth training if someone is going to be able to teach the Pilates Method to its full potential.

We recognise that Pilates is often taught in an adapted way for specific categories of clients, and we want to reflect this in the new Scopes of Practice and in the SPM Register.

We also recognise that there has been a massive surge in participation in higher intensity Pilates-based matwork and group Reformer classes and we will include these within the specific Scopes of Practice.”

When will this work be complete?

EMD UK will be working with SPM over the next 12 months to roll out the Scope of Practice and ensuring that Pilates teachers are represented in the industry.

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