Ever thought about what makes you you as an instructor? What you are uniquely qualified to teach, what areas you excel in, and how your experience has shaped you?

This is your Scope of Practice – and its way more than just a piece of paper.  

What is a Scope of Practice?

A Scope of Practice is a roadmap for your career. It highlights your strengths and identify any gaps in your knowledge. It also guides you towards professional recognition with EMD UK PRO membership.

This recognition is like a badge of honour. EMD UK PRO membership shows employers and participants you are trained, skilled, and ready to go!  

Your Scope: It is Personal  

Think of your Scope of Practice as your group exercise instructor fingerprint.

It is a clear outline of what you can teach based on your training, knowledge, and what you have learned over time. It celebrates the amazing work you do and helps you focus on your areas of expertise.  

Keeping It Simple  

Defining your scope is not rocket science. It is a reflective journey that involves: 

  • Looking at your past training 
  • Defining what you currently teach 
  • Spotting any areas where you could level up. 

Do not sweat the gaps – they are simply opportunities for growth. What matters most is celebrating your unique path and recognising the impressive skills you have.  

Raising the Bar (and Your Career)  

Scopes of Practice are shaking things up in the best way possible. They celebrate the diverse talents of instructors, foster inclusivity, and highlight top-notch work. They also give the power to you, the group exercise instructor. 

By defining your scope, you are not just meeting industry standards – you are exceeding them! It shows your commitment to professional growth while keeping safety and quality at the forefront.  

What is in It for You (and Your Employer)?  

For instructors, defining your scope is about: 

  • Gaining recognition for your skills. 
  • Expanding your career options 
  • Feeling confident in your abilities. 

For employers, it is about finding the perfect instructor for each class. When you are recognised by EMD UK, employers know you:  

  • Meet industry standards. 
  • Stay within your defined scope.  
  • Uphold professional values.  
  • Have access to resources for career advancement.  

In a Nutshell…  

Your Scope of Practice is a guidebook to your professional awesomeness. It is not about ticking boxes. It is about embracing your unique journey as an instructor. It showcases your skills and supports your career growth.  

So, are you ready to uncover your full potential?  

Define your scope and unlock a world of new opportunities here!