As the leaves change colour and pumpkins are soon to adorn doorsteps, the enchanting aura of Halloween draws near.

Halloween and Christmas are brilliant opportunities to really excite your existing customers as well as reaching new ones. Everyone loves a themed dance or fitness session. It provides a fresh twist, fostering a sense of community and excitement.

In this blog, Sue Wybrow from Dance Teachers World explores five actionable tips to create engaging Halloween-themed classes that will captivate your audience and boost your class attendance.

Tip 1: Involve Your Customers

Let your existing customers know your exciting plans and involve them.

Give them a choice of the tracks you plan to use – would they love a go at the infamous “Thriller” routine? – or would they prefer a bit more “Ghostbusters”? Involving your customers makes them feel part of it and valued, plus it gives you some great market research.

Tip 2: Run A Mini Block of Classes

This is a great way for new customers to “dip their toes in the water” – they are not signing up for a term, but a mini block of say four classes in the run up to Halloween itself.

It’s not a big commitment for them, it’s great fun and once they’ve experienced classes with you they are bound to want to continue – especially with fun Christmas themed ones on their way!

Tip 3: Tell Everyone About It

So, you know what tracks and content you will be using in your Halloween themed classes. Now’s the time to tell everyone about it. Share the benefits, such as:

  • Learning iconic moves to Halloween favourites
  • Getting fit and active the fun way
  • Meeting new people
  • Getting an hour of “me” time
  • Getting away from tech, phones, demands of life.

Plus, explain how great they will feel come Christmas – more energy, more dance skills for the Christmas parties they will go to!

Tip 4: Give Them Even More

Could you give your customers video tutorials on different moves from your class content? Or at-home fitness tips?

Giving them value beyond the studio enhances member loyalty and demonstrates your commitment to their fitness or dance journey.

Tip 5: Keep In Touch

Communication is key when it comes to increasing your class numbers and client retention. Checking in on people to see how they got on, to ask them what they need or want, to following up with people who were “thinking about it”.

A friendly phone call, WhatsApp message or email really make customers feel valued and wanted at class. And, it’s a great way to give your customers first dibs on your Christmas themed classes too!

Over to you…

As a dance teacher or fitness instructor, embracing the spirit of Halloween in your classes offers a delightful way to attract new participants and engage your current members. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can create memorable and enjoyable experiences that keep people coming back for more.

By involving your customers, running a mini block of classes, telling everyone about it, giving them even more and keeping in touch, you’ll not only boost class attendance but also create a fitness or dance community that thrives all year round.

Embrace the magic of Halloween and watch your classes come to life like never before. It would be scary not to!

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Sue Wybrow has been working with dance teachers and fitness instructors across the globe, helping them to run successful and profitable dance classes, parties, workshops and events since 2009.

She’s the author of “101 Marketing Tips for Dance Teachers”, is a speaker for companies such as the IDTA, owner of Popdance, sharing tips and ideas for dance teachers via the Instagram channel “Dance Teachers World” and is also host to 6,000+ dance teachers in the Dance Teacher Community Facebook group.