Key to any organisation is the ability to understand the people and partners it serves, and this is the driving force behind everything we do!

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Through our insight work, and the projects we undertake with YouGov and SkillsActive, EMD UK has access to the largest pool of data on the group exercise sector. We use this data to promote the physical, social and mental benefits of group exercise as well as create products and services that support the growth and development of organisations and instructors. This data driven approach means we can track current trends in the market and ensure our partners have the right tools to meet the needs of participants.

Industry Insight

We want to make our sector accessible for everyone and we work with a wide range of organisations, from commercial operators to local communities and national providers, to ensure there are multiple access routes for all ages, abilities and interests to take part.

Open to all

It’s not just about providing gateways into group exercise; delivering a quality experience is fundamental to making sure that participants keep coming back. Our training academy provides instructors with high quality training and development as well as the ongoing support and guidance they need to develop a successful career and inspire the people they teach.

Quality Training and Development

Group exercise is an exciting and diverse mix of styles and activities that caters to ‘someone like me’ and everyone should have the opportunity to take part. EMD UK is committed to driving positive change within the industry and we believe that through cooperation and collaboration with industry bodies, understanding and removing the barriers that prevent people from taking part and by supporting instructors to deliver excellence, we can achieve a healthier nation through exercise.

Bringing about positive change

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