Running Scared: Amazing Jane launches game-changing tracker activewear

Expressive. Elevated. Empowered. We all deserve to feel this.

Amazing Jane is a brand transforming the fitness industry with their ethos dedicated to empowering women to lead healthy, active lifestyles through the power of clothing. However, as the seasons switch the founders behind the fast-growing activewear brand are all too aware of the triggers and obstacles that women face when navigating outdoor fitness and personal safety.

The conversation around violence against women, especially when out alone exercising has sparked discussions once more. A growing concern, heighted by the latest headlines and amplifying the fears of many lone runners who are now at times quite literally running scared.

As women balance their own personal safety with that of keeping active outdoors, Amazing Jane have brought to market the innovative TrackHer leggings in response to the enormity of the situation that women face on a daily basis.

High compression, high waisted and ideal for any fitness activity, but more specifically, they come with a concealed “TrackHer” pocket. This is a small, hidden pocket designed to be the correct size for a GPS personal tracker, such as a Tile personal tracker.

Claire Goodliff, Co-Founder at Amazing Jane said:

 “The recent news coverage of attacks against women has sparked the conversation again about women, outdoor exercise and safety. We are passionate about using the power of clothing to encourage women to get into the right mindset for being active. However, the reality is many feel afraid when exercising alone and have a restricted sense of freedom, this is escalated with the changing seasons and the darker nights and mornings.

 We’ve developed this hidden pocket with the intention of women, being able to keep their loved ones updated of their location, and in any event they are in trouble, their location can be determined much faster. We believe that most men, would only really think to dispose of a phone, or keyring etc, and not look for a concealed pocket.

 We’ve made sure that the leggings look great and that the fit is appropriate with the extra dynamic, comfortable and flattering. The added safety element is a real game changer.”

Stats from Runners World state that 46% of female runners in the UK say they have been harassed while running. Data from End Violence Against Women found that ‘one in two women felt unsafe walking alone after dark in a quiet street near their home, compared to one in seven men’. With End Violence Against Women also highlighting that two out of three women aged 16 to 34 years experienced one form of harassment in the previous 12 months; with 44% of women aged 16 to 34 years having experienced catcalls, whistles, unwanted sexual comments or jokes, and 29% having felt like they were being followed.

Debra De Luen, Co-Founder at Amazing Jane said:

“The nights and mornings are getting darker and I for one, a confident and active woman have reluctantly changed by outdoor fitness pattern. Through Amazing Jane we want to elevate women and empower them to lead healthy, active lifestyles. It pains me that we have to think twice about not just a run route which is a current talking point, but also the times to go out on the bike, walk the dog or even walk back from a fitness class in the autumn/winter months.

The changing seasons really do bring a heightened level of vulnerability to women, something we can’t ignore.”

The duo set up Amazing Jane through their shared passion for combining fitness and community, and this has expanded into a fully-fledged activewear collection. A high number of activewear brands are aimed at a mass market and the fit is standard, even if the wearer isn’t. Amazing Jane work endlessly to make the fit right for their customers.

The USP at Amazing Jane is that they work with the science of Enclothed Cognition. Meaning that they focus on empowering and supporting women to lead active and healthy lifestyles through the power of clothing and its deeper psychology of making women feel good about their bodies.

Debra De Luen, Co-Founder at Amazing Jane added:

“We were working with hundreds of women every week and we’d see women come to our fitness classes; self-conscious, lacking in confidence, and mostly throwing on anything they could to cover up their body. 

The theory known as Enclothed Cognition, describes the influence clothes have on the wearers behaviour.  Essentially, if you put something on that makes you feel nice, you’re more likely to actually do the activity you are dressed for. We absolutely knew the key to more women being active, and reaping the benefits of it, was to make them understand just how amazing they actually are.

 The innovative TrackHer leggings not only just look great, they have the added safety element too and completely convey our brand values. It’s taken a lot of work and we are very excited to bring this innovative new product to market.”

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