Here’s just a few of the activities our colleagues are getting up to around National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day

As the national governing body for group exercise, it would be surprising if we didn’t all love exercise, fitness and sport.  Here’s just a few of the activities our colleagues are getting up to during the week of National Fitness Day on the 25 September.

Jo, who helps run a street dance school will be busy with preparations for the SDC South East dance competition.  Eighteen students aged between 8 and 16 will be taking part.

Antoinette is taking on the Shine Night Walk 2019 in London on Sunday.  She is part of a team of eight who will walk the 13 miles around London, starting in Southwark and ending by London Bridge.  As well as being great exercise, the walk is raising funds for Cancer Research.

Chloe is a trained dancer and will be doing her usual dance classes comprising modern and ballet, tap, jazz techniques and contemporary dance as well as some strength and conditioning work.

Yvonne, who has signed up to walk in the Sahara to raise funds for our local hospice, will be completing a number of training walks on different terrains in and around our nearest town of Horsham.

Sarah, a keen weightlifter, will be following her programme of powerlifting and strength training as she continues her training to compete next year.

Kat, a qualified athletics, tennis and handball coach and keen runner, will be sure to get plenty of exercise while looking after her 3-year-old nephew!  She will also find time to go swimming and go for a run during the week.

Lianne is following her programme of running with her dog every evening.  So far, Macie the dog has lost 1 kilo in weight!

Penny will be running Horsham parkrun and the following weekend will be running a 10K race which will also raise funds for our local hospice.

For anyone wishing to begin their exercise journey or find new activities to vary their exercise routine, why not try to find group exercise classes locally.