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Podcast on Prescription -S2-EP6-Physical Activity

Welcome to Podcast on Prescription, brought to you by Dr Radha Modgil and the National Academy for Social Prescribing.  Dr. Radha will be finding out about the connection between being physically active and improving your mental health and wellbeing.

She is joined by guests Keri-anne Payne, an Olympic Silver medallist.  She retired from competitive swimming in 2017 and founded two companies based around open water swimming and inspiring as many people as possible to take up this amazing sport.

Ruth Nutter is a creative producer and community engagement practitioner who co-produces activities which increase people’s wellbeing and connection with each other and where they live. She is the project co-ordinator for Heeley Trust’s Thriving Communities project, working in collaboration with Heeley Plus Primary Care Network and many local community groups.

Michelle Roberts works for the Richmond Group of Charities, a collaboration of leading health and social care charities,.  Ruth manages their physical activity programme which aims to support people with long term conditions to move more, including through their We Are Undefeatable campaign.

Ideas to Action

Beth Rees of Move It or Lose It, one of our member organisations dedicated to improving the fitness of older people, shares the challenges brought on by Covid, especially around digital literacy of people using Move It or Lose It’s programmes to stay fit. She also reflects on the silver lining of the services’ shift to online and shares her lessons from the Ideas to Action programme.

Ideas to Action is a programme delivered by Design Council and supported by Sport England with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. To find out more about the programme, please visit ideastoaction.design and to find out more about the Ideas to Action podcast, please visit ideastoaction.design/podcasts.

Emma Smallman of Drum n Bounce

Emma, who founded Drum n Bounce, chats with Andre Berry of Buddha on a Bicycle on all things happiness, personal development and wellness.  Emma talks about the benefits of yoga to aid well-being, how her passion for exercise and music led her to create her Drum n Bounce brand, which she now takes to festivals and events, and how online delivery offered a ‘well-being service’  and new opportunities during lockdown.
In this podcast Emma talks to Natalie McIvor, presenter of the What’s Your Therapy series, about the impact of fitness on mental health and how important this became during the pandemic. They discuss the importance of inclusivity giving access to a wide range of people and Emma’s journey to studying trauma informed yoga and the prison yoga project.  Learn how trauma impacts your nervous system, how trauma informed yoga can support healing and the power of somatic practices. Emma’s energy is powerful and she has so much to share.

Women in Sport – The impact of Covid-19 on teenage girls

Women in Sport chat to Becca and Britney from Goals4Girls and university student Ellen about what their lives were like during lockdown, the challenges they faced, how they got active and what they’re looking forward to when life gets back to “normal”.

The PT Trainer – sponsored by EMD UK

Here’s the latest episode where Brett Pearson, EMD UK’s Head of Sales and Marketing, and Sue Wilkie, our Head of Instructor Development, talk to Mark Anthony Laws, on their unique insights into the fitness industry and how it’s going to overcome the pandemic moving forwards.

Warning: The recording contains one or two expletives not deleted!

Fitness Industry Insiders – sponsored by EMD UK

Fitness Industry Insiders Karl Frew and Steve Watson are joined by Brett Pearson from EMD UK and Andy Pickles, Executive Chairman of The Music Factory Entertainment Group, to discuss the use of music in online classes.

Brett talks about the brand new online licence that he has been negotiating with PRS, and Andy talks about Pure Energy’s Go series, where the idea came from, and how instructors can continue to benefit from the service going forward.

Refresh: Group exercise – can it really help us relax? A Clean Thinking podcast

In this episode our CEO, Marcus Kingwell, tells us how exercise – and specifically group exercise – can help reduce stress and aid relaxation. If you’ve ever hit the pillow and your brain has started running through everything you don’t need to think about, this episode is for you.

The Power of Dance

DDMix have launched a series of brand new podcasts about the benefits of dance and movement.

Join Dame Darcey Bussell and Dr Peter Lovatt in a series of conversations about The Power of Dance. Using their extensive knowledge and experience of dance they will be exploring the many benefits and attributes that dance can provide.

Join Dame Darcey Bussell and Dr Peter Lovatt for another instalment of The Power of Dance. In this episode they discuss the effects of dance and movement for both the body AND mind, and how important it is for our health and mental health especially during these uncertain times. Hosted by Giselle Parker.

Confessions of a Fitness Professional

A series of podcasts by The Mummy Trainer.  A show about Health, Fitness and Stationery Addiction, with an element of humour (she hopes) through the eyes of a 40+ PT, with two adorable children who both fart, a lot!  (her words, not ours)  Sponsored by classfinder – the UK’s largest online directory for fitness classes!

Drum ‘n’ bounce – The Drop By Amen Breaks

Emma Smallman, owner and founder of DrumNBounce, one of our member organisations, and winner of a place on the Lucozade Sport Keep us Moving initiative was invited to chat on The Drop By Amen Breaks.  Emma tells us everything you need to know about getting fit to your favourite music genre, as well as where you can join her for a session.

Think Pungra

Ravi Sandhu, founder of Pungra, (exercise to Punjabi music) shares five reactions to new Punjabi music and articles in the news related to exercise.

Let’s Get Started…

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