The advantages of taking up an Open Bursary

Group exercise instructors – and our would-be training partners – may be wondering about our Open Bursaries and how they work.  Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by an Open Bursary discount can open new doors for you.

Our Account Manager, Carrie, has been giving us the lowdown on the ones that are offered by EMD UK:

What are Open Bursaries, Carrie?

It’s an amount of money that learners can claim towards further training.

Who can apply?

Suitably qualified instructors wishing to take group exercise short courses and qualifications.

What do you mean by ‘suitably qualified’?

Instructors must hold one of the following qualifications recognised by CIMSPA :

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing
  • Level 2 Group Training to Music
  • Level 2 Group Training
  • Level 2 (DFQ) Exercise to Music
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Yoga
  • Level 3 Pilates qualification.

How much is the Open Bursary amount?

Learners can claim £75 towards the cost of a training course – which must be provided by one of our Premium Member organisations and be endorsed by us or by CIMSPA.

Do learners have to pay for all their training up front?

No, they claim the Open Bursary saving straight away rather than wait until after the course has finished.

‘I’m already qualified, why do I need more training?’

We get asked this quite often.  It’s a great way of expanding your skillset – you could offer a wider variety of classes or open up new employment opportunities.

Which organisations offer training with an Open Bursary?

All the info is on our website, along with a list of our Premium Member organisations (with links for more information, eligibility and how to apply).

Sounds good to us, but what if people can’t get to the training courses on the dates given?

There are a variety of ways to access the training.  Many of the member organisations offer local face-to-face sessions, otherwise there are online sessions, both live or on demand, or a blended, hybrid model also works for some.

What happens about assessments at the end of the course?

These can be done in a variety of ways – learners could submit a post-course video or an assessment could be quiz-based, such as the one set by theMovement Charity.

Great, but what are the advantages to the organisations?

The Open Bursaries provide additional funds for the training providers, plus they are upskilling more instructors to teach their particular genre or style.  It’s getting their name out there!

Some brands are so much in demand they can’t provide enough classes so more instructors equals more classes equals more class participants – win-win-win!

What about if instructors want to teach the new classes long-term?

Some training providers offer a membership option so that instructors have access to new choreography, others might offer quarterly workshops that can be booked as and when required

What about branding? 

As well as having the back up of an established and endorsed group exercise brand, some organisations will provide guidance, marketing materials and clothing so instructors can really feel they belong.

Have you got any feedback from people who have taken advantage of the Open Bursary opportunity?

We certainly do! Diane W completed the Purestretch training recently – ‘I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a teacher so the Open Bursary was a great opportunity for me and really easy to apply for.’

Open Bursaries provide benefits for both group exercise instructors and for the EMD UK Premium Members  offering training.  Click on this link for more information, eligibility criteria and how to apply.