Remote Inclusive Dance Training (IDT)

Who is this course for? It’s for anyone wanting to run or be involved with Inclusive Dance sessions. It is suitable for a wide range of people who are involved with dance and disabled people in many ways.  This could include dance teachers who wish to open their services to all abilities, those involved with sports and social groups, and people with a focus on disability and the care environment.

Please note; when booking on this duo qualification, please select your preferred Level 2 Qualification then pick your style specific training (Para Dance UK) as an add on as you complete your booking.

Price from £650

Online and classroom learning

Insurance included*

Call us on 01403 266000 or email to start your career as a Para Dance UK instructor.

Qualification structure

  • The course has been redeveloped to run entirely online, with a combination of interactive E-Learning via Para Dance UK’s secure platform, live tutor sessions and theoretical and practical tasks to put knowledge into practice.
  • The course is broken down into modules which run weekly and finishing with a live tutor session and task assignment.
  • Modules may be formed of theory, practice or both to give a well-rounded experience.


  • All successfully completed tasks will be recorded on your Record of Achievement. The final assessments are completed in the final two weeks of the 8 week course and include written information and self-recorded video submissions.
  • Over 8 weeks you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your fellow candidates and discuss the current topic as well as receive guidance through an hour live tutor session. Formative feedback will be provided as you go through the course with an opportunity to resubmit assessments or request additional support from your tutor.

 On-going costs/subscription payments

This training includes a 1-year affiliation to Para Dance UK. After the 1-year period has ended instructors can continue with their membership at a cost of £96 a year.

Getting your career moving faster

*Our support doesn’t end when you qualify. With EMD UK, a year’s full insurance is included in your qualification so you can start teaching faster. You’ll also get support from our instructor support team, online business and session resources, brand discounts and more.