A Yoga-style class carefully choreographed to flow with the music to help you be in tune with the present moment. The class enhances flexibility, balance, mobility, and core strength. Over several weeks, witness your own growth and progression, feeling more refreshed and balanced in body and mind. This class is perfect for busy people who struggle to relax. Escape the demands of everyday life and feel better in both body and mind.

MK Pilates

MK Pilates, founded and directed by Michael King & Malcolm Muirhead , is a globally recognised training school with a legacy spanning over four decades. This distinguished institution has played a pivotal role in shaping national and international standards in the field of Pilates. Michael’s extensive experience, garnered from his work as a Pilates teacher, has led to the development of comprehensive training programs taught in over 30 countries. MK Pilates is dedicated to promoting excellence in Pilates education and practice, making it a trusted resource for aspiring Pilates professionals worldwide.

Pink Belt Kickboxing

Pink Belt Kickboxing is the original Female Only Initiative that uses Kickboxing on a path of self discovery & empowerment. Our programmes teach kick ass moves, self defence and gives you tools to find your inner warrior, build confidence & improve fitness in a safe, fun, inclusive environment. From Group Exercise to Personal Training, we’ll help you earn your Pink Belt!

TRX Training UK

TRX Training UK is a leading fitness company that offers innovative and effective workouts using suspension training equipment. With a range of classes and programs designed for all fitness levels, TRX Training UK helps individuals improve their strength, endurance, and overall fitness. TRX Training UK offers education courses for fitness professionals who want to become certified TRX trainers. These courses provide in-depth training on the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Moving Moi CIC

Moving Moi CIC specialises on empowering members of ethnic minority communities and improving the health and wellbeing of low-income inactive women, men and children. We motivate them with a range of fitness activities and increase participation in sports and exercise, through accessible bootcamps and diverse array of health and fitness initiatives.

Feel Fit

Feel Fit has sustainability at the heart of all we do.  Feel Fit is all about helping people for the long term.  This philosophy extends to the way we approach coaching and supporting our members and also to the way we operate.  We are building a brand that is good for its members and for the planet.  So far, we have established the first eco-powered fitness studio and store, an award-winning range of sustainable gym and leisure wear and added UK based retreats to our portfolio.

Rockbox Fitness

Rockbox Fitness is an award winning inclusive fitness brand offering workouts to aid the mind just as much as the body, becoming lovingly known by class goers and instructors as a fitness therapy session!  The combination of rock music, boxing for cardio plus all over body toning is a great way to let off steam in a safe environment. With easy to follow movements plus low to high impact variations – Let’s Rock!

Fit X

Fit X takes us back through the decades from the 1950’s right through to the present day.  With easy to learn routines combining cardio, strength and core, we will be moving, releasing endorphins, smiles, laughter and a sing song too!  The easiest way to get active, move your body, feel good and SMILE!

Israeli Dance Institute (IDI)

The Israeli Dance Institute (IDI) is the UK’s leading Jewish charity developing culture through Music and Dance.  Their focus as an organisation is on programme development, training teachers in their use, promoting Jewish identity and building community cohesion – their projects impact on some 5,000 children and young people in the UK and many thousands worldwide.


MyCharleston run fun and friendly Charleston dance classes with fantastic music to match. We are leading the way in reviving this quirky dance which brings joy to everyone regardless of age or level. Our weekly classes run across the UK, Europe and online.