SOSA Dance Fitness

Put the FABULOUS into your fitness! Learn the most amazing dance styles from all around the world without the need for a partner. This low impact high energy class is suitable for all ages and abilities. Seated SOSA classes provide special considerations and adaptations for older adults, disabled participants, those with long-term health conditions and GP referral clients. Endorsed by CIMSPA #DanceYourselfHappy

TRibe Fitness

At TRibe Fitness we provide not only Group Personal Training Sessions and a Nutritional programme for our members but we also run Yoga Sessions to ensure your flexibility as well as fitness and strength.

Whatever your fitness level we have a programme to get you in shape.

At Your Beat

At Your Beat is about diversifying fitness, celebrating your individuality and personal growth. You’ll learn to dance and get fit with the most dynamic instructors. Fuelled by the AYB spirit you’ll quickly find your inner dancer. Once you find your BEAT in dance and fitness, it will be the soundtrack to your life.

ER Dance & Fitness

ER Dance and Fitness is a community dance and fitness group for people in and around Braunstone in Leicester. We run dance classes for young people of all ages, from as young as 3 years old right through to adulthood.

Sling fitness

Sling Fit Mama

Combining fitness, toning, strength, stretching and movement, this class will help to strengthen all the muscles weakened by pregnancy and childbirth. The classes are carefully structured to have your baby in a sling throughout the duration, so not only do you have extra weight for our workout but you can steal a quick kiss whenever you like. All classes are taught by a fully qualified Pre/Postnatal fitness instructor and Babywearing peer support worker.

JAM Total Sport

JAM Total Sport

JAM Total Sport is a business born to inspire people through Martial Arts, Dance, Sport and Fitness. Hannah-Ruth is a professional dancer, fitness coach and Co-founder of JAM Total Sport. Jonathan is an Ex-professional Muay Thai fighter, fitness coach and founder of JAM Total Sport. Both help develop positive role models for society, while developing Olympic champions, great athletes and promoting mental and physical wellbeing through their business values.

Just Movement

Just Movement

Using evidence based activities and practices, our sole aim is to get older adults moving in order to help them improve their overall fitness, health and wellbeing. Activities are chair based, team taught and incorporate functional movements to help with daily activities. Most important of all, activities are FUN and varied to meet the different needs of those taking part.


ReelRobics is the original Irish Dance workout, created by former Riverdancer, Christina Woods. It combines the footwork of traditional Irish dancing with lots of arm movements to get your whole body moving. Suitable for beginners and experienced dancers, it’s a fun, cardiovascular workout while also improving your balance and strength. Dance along to the catchy reels and jigs and release those feel good endorphins!


SOULSA®️ is the most ‘feel good’ dance fitness workout around. A low impact, high energy class set in a darkened room to soulful vibes, latin beats, 80’s classics, chart hits, Caribbean treats and more. Our signature LED flashing mini tambourines add the soul and fun to the SOULSA®️ experience! Our four step routines make it easy to follow…but it’s not about the moves in SOULSA®️, it’s about the feels!

viBeatz Kidz & Teenz

This is the first ever Kidz & Teenz class with Dance, Fitness & Yoga! Designed for growing kids (7- 16 years), it works with growth spurts, hormone changes and mood swings whilst keeping students engaged and fit. Mindfulness and self-esteem with inclusivity is the priority (but so is fun!). viBeatz kidz & Teenz creator, Lisa Brockwell choreographed for Sport England and Disney campaigns to get families moving. Find them on youtube.viBeatz TV.