As the national governing body for group exercise, we have released the EMD UK Group Ex Support Pack

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EMD UK has released a full guidance and resource pack for group exercise instructors. The pack, approved by Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), contains a variety of information documents for instructors, including new social distancing and online risk assessments, and marketing tools to help them drive their business forward.

Since the closures of community venues, leisure centres, and health clubs in March due to COVID-19, group exercise instructors have had to adapt to ensure some income. Although the UK Government’s announcement of the Self-employed Income Support Scheme came as a welcome relief for some, it provided little certainty for many. Group exercise instructors have taken to offering their content via live streaming services such as Zoom and Facebook Live, sometimes doing so for free, to keep communities active.

Whilst there has been lobbying from sector and industry bodies to reopen gyms and health clubs and ensure personal trainers and gym staff are represented, group exercise instructors have been left out of the conversation. Many deliver classes in community venues, such as church halls, which have yet to have confirmed dates of reopening.

To ensure group exercise instructors have the tools and support they need now and in the foreseeable future of social distancing, our comprehensive resource pack contains clear guidelines on how to deliver classes. The pack has been signed off by the DCMS, ensuring it is COVID-19 social distancing compliant, and is being widely used in the sector by other organisations, such as the Chartered Institute for the Management Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

Although personal trainers have been advised they can hold 1-2-1 sessions with clients in open park spaces, group exercise classes will not happen for some time. However, EMD UK insists releasing the pack now gives group exercise instructors time to prepare and plan for the coming months.

“Group exercise instructors have had their worlds turned upside down,” explains Sue Wilkie, Head of Instructor Development for EMD UK. “Not only have they adapted, they have had to learn a whole new skillset for delivering high-quality virtual classes, as well as vying for space in an online world where fitness is being given away for free.

“The EMD UK Group Ex Support Pack is just that – a support pack just for group exercise instructors. We have worked with fitness professionals and industry experts to ensure the resources are relevant, informative, and make a difference. The overriding message here to instructors is know your worth. We are on your side and will assist you in navigating ‘’the new normal’ and beyond.”

The EMD UK Group Ex Support Pack is free to download here.