Sara Fakih

Sara has a background in dance, but got into fitness when she got into teaching. Starting off with 1-2-1 sessions as a personal trainer, she soon expanded this to group exercise and particularly specialising in dance fitness, her favourite genres to teach are dancehall, hip-hop and RnB. Sara also has a passion for yoga, which she discovered whilst recovering from injury. Sara believes in life balance and encourages her participants to push themselves, step out of their comfort zone, but to always remember to be kind to themselves.

Emma Taylor

Emma lives for dance and fitness and loves to inspire her community to exercise, move and dance. Emma has recently completed a degree in Dance & Fitness, and now teaches classes full time alongside personal training, specialising in Zumba, body conditioning, Jazz and Street dance. Emma also has worked with us at our London events and did such an incredible job that she was nominated for the UK Active Physical Activty Champion of the year 2016.

Heidi Harris

Heidi  is the creator of GObounce and is also a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Heidi loves to perform, and has danced for various shows, events and ceremonies, she also runs the Bollywood dance group Just Jhoom! Dance Group and regularly performs at events across the country. Heidi teaches dance fitness classes across Surrey and recently launched Gobounce a brand new dance, fitness and party entertainment company for children and young people.

Donna Noble

A vision of calmness, inner peace and general coolness, meet Donna Noble. Yoga specialist and founder of Donna Noble Yoga, Donna believes ‘every body is a yoga body’, with an aim of breaking down the misconception of what a ‘yogi’ is. As Donna says “with practice and self-belief you can do anything”, and, with that in mind, Donna founded CurveSome Yoga, the body positive and self acceptance yoga class for everyone. Donna’s a pretty big name in the fitness world, regularly appearing in print media, presenting workshops (such as The Om Yoga) and chatting to Katie-Bulmer Cooke on the TV show Chatty Lasses!

Alicja Blachut

A true fitness professional, with great passion and irresistible energy. Alicja has always had a connection with sports, fitness and dance. Starting from the age of 4, Alicja showed talent in dancing that soon developed with her studying Jazz and ballet for 2 years.  As well as playing basketball professionally for 10 years, she has achieved a Masters in sport science.

Her love for fitness has seen her naturally become a Personal Trainer and a professional dancer. Her dance styles include, Jazz, Ballet, House, Hip-Hop, Afro Jazz, Salsa and her greastest love Jamaican Dancehall. Her passion for Jamaican Dancehall started when she began learning from Laure Courtellemont, Founder and creator of the Ragga Jam.

From here on, Alicja created and founded her own fitness concept ‘Mash It Up Fitness’, that encompasses Ragga Dancehall and fitness, which is currently being delivered through classes on a weekly basis in Central London (Pineapple Studios & Danceworks, Gym Box) by Alicja and other Mash It Up Fitness Instructors. You can also find this class in other places in UK, Finland, Romania and Poland. Alicja has been a presenting different dance and fitness concepts/ classes ( specially Mash It Up Fitness ) throughout Europe at fitness events.
Alicja also has been working as a choreographer and/ or dancer in few music videos ( S.O.P. “Nwannem”, Squeeze “Kolorbi”, Clean Bandit “Come Over’ feat. Stylo-G, Clean Bandit “Rockabye” feat. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie ) as well as being a backup dancer for Clean Bandit in live shows October-December 2016

Matthew Miller

Starting his athletic career as an American football star for USC, then moving on become a NABA professional super heavyweight bodybuilding champion in the US and UK, Matt suffered a double hip replacement from years of aggressive physical wear.  When he was asked to be the first male ambassador for lululemon in Europe , he was very surprised,  but quickly discovered the incredible value of yoga in sport and set out to become a licensed teacher. Matt then created a brand of yoga that would inspire a new generation of men and athletically minded women to the mat.
Broga® is designed to be a challenging workout that simultaneously incorporates traditional yoga to significantly open up tight areas like hips and hamstrings .
In only its 3rd year Broga@ sweeping the UK and Europe and even looking to South East Asia and the Middle East.
Have a look at what Matt is up to on his YouTube channel and be sure to check out the DVD. Matt can be reached on