To celebrate their 10th anniversary, FitSteps are holding a day of masterclasses for over 500 instructors and participants. Event goers will be treated to dance sessions run by professional dancer and FitSteps master trainer, Ian Waite, along with other presenters. The event will be topped by the awards evening, complete with a 3-course meal and 5-piece band. Those in the know say there will be some added surprises in the evening too! 

The FitSteps Awards celebrate and showcase the power of group exercise. They share stories from instructors and participants and shine a light on everything there is to love about FitSteps. The sought-after FitSteps Instructor of the Year Award will this year be sponsored by EMD UK. The award is given to the one instructor who stands out through the nominations process as a true FitSteps Brand Ambassador, helping the FitSteps Community of Instructors as well as having drive and passion, but above all, being supportive to their class members and building an amazing FitSteps community. 

As the national governing body for group exercise, EMD UK are committed to supporting group exercise instructors across the country. Their free resource library boasts over 250 career focused resources, including tips on promoting classes, building a brand, being self-employed, and more.  

Gill Cummings-Bell, CEO of EMD UK, said “We are delighted to be sponsoring this year’s FitSteps Instructor of the Year Award. EMD UK and FitSteps have a long working relationship and we have seen first-hand the joy FitSteps classes bring to both instructors and participants. We look forward to announcing the winner on Saturday and celebrating with FitSteps fans from across the UK.” 

Of the event, Ian Parker (Parks) of FitSteps said “This event is all about celebrating our instructors and we are so happy that EMD UK will be the sponsor of the Instructor of the Year Award as we share the same goal of supporting instructors to grow and build their classes. It will be brilliant to see EMD UK at the event to enjoy all that FitSteps has to offer”! 

The masterclasses and awards are taking place Saturday 9 December at Blackpool Tower. Dancing shoes required! Last minute tickets for the evening are available now on the FitSteps website here.