The classfinder project to date has been an amalgamation of a number of developments and databases. This has led to the product moving between “interim” states, each of which carry their own complexities and have led to unknown costs of development, planning and bug-fixing.

Although the current interim state has been advantageous in reaching a go live point and alleviating the potential risks the implementation of key newly-built functionality would have had, it has also had cost implications due to the complexity it created, and associated “hidden” costs. This has demonstrated that further interim states are highly unlikely to have a justifiable return on investment.

We are looking to simplify this approach: to simplify the classfinder webapp that is currently a mix of React, Node.js and legacy PHP to a single Universal React app, with the end goal focussed on sustainability. Using the existing build and mostly off-the-shelf solutions, we feel it is possible to engineer a simplified system which reduces cost, risk and complexity overall.

Deadline for Response

5pm, Wednesday 22nd January 2020 by email to

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