The national governing body for group exercise delivers instructor training to ensure more people have access to classes

Mat Pilates course delivered by EMD UK

As part of its Sport England remit to increase participation in group exercise, EMD UK has teamed up with Third Space London to deliver a Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork. The training will upskill Third Space instructors to deliver high-quality Pilates experiences to current members and ensure more people have access to holistic classes.

Pilates is now the second most popular group exercise class, with over 887,000 taking part in classes every week[1]. Known nowadays for its whole-strengthening focus, Pilates has grown in popularity and is now used as a complementary training method for athletes and bodybuilders. Holistic exercise classes, like Pilates, have been known to boost not only physical wellbeing but also mental wellbeing. In fact, working out in group can lower stress levels by up to 26%[2].

EMD UK supports instructors and organisations to deliver excellence in a bid to increase participation. Part of this support is education and development. As an Active IQ approved training provider, EMD UK delivers instructor training courses in a variety of Level 2 and Level 3 fitness qualifications. From June to August 2019, EMD UK has run their nationally recognised Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork at Third Space in Soho.

Gillian Reeves, Head of Instructor Development at EMD UK, said “We are delighted to work with Third Space to develop their instructor workforce. Pilates is a widely inclusive group exercise format that many people can benefit from, whether they are exercise beginners or elite athletes. As a national governing body, we are passionate about improving the quality of class delivery across the sector and we support instructors to do so. It’s great to see Third Space putting workforce development at the heart of their business, keeping their instructors happy and their members coming back for more.”

Third Space is a boutique health club operator with six clubs across London. With a variety of different classes on offer, as well as being London’s largest multi-functional training space with onsite menus created by nutritionists and chefs, Third Space offers a whole-body and mind approach to healthy lifestyles.

“At Third Space, we know that a workout can be the difference between a good day and a bad one,” explains Antony Stewart, Head of Group Exercise at Third Space. “The city is full of busy people and stress, whether in the workplace or at home, can take its toll. Our instructors bring a bit of focus to people’s days and ensure their workout energises and aligns them. Training more instructors in Pilates allows more people to benefit from the restorative elements of this fantastic group exercise format, whether for leisure or as part of a wider fitness programme.”

If your business could benefit from upskilling your workforce, please contact EMD UK’s instructor development team on 01403 266000 or You can find details on all qualifications that EMD UK deliver at

[1] EMD UK National Fitness Survey, 2018

[2] Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, 2017