A guest blog by Katy Robinson of On Broadway Dance Fitness

Katy Robinson, Director of Katy Robinson Fitness Fusion Ltd, and founder of On Broadway Dance Fitness, has written an excellent blog on ways to boost your fitness business.

Katy now has two successful businesses, but admits she made a lot of mistakes along the way.  She has kindly offered to share her top tips for with a view to helping you avoid making the same mistakes.  Click on the link to the On Broadway Dance Fitness blog to  find out more on how to make these tips work for you:-

  1. Know your ideal client
  2. Define your ‘USP’
  3. Offer incentive
  4. Keep providing value

Group exercise instructors can promote their classes for free on www.classfinder.org.uk, while participants can search for classes local to them.  classfinder is also a useful research tool for instructors to find out what classes are already available locally.